Remembering Miss Susan MacDonald

How tragic to read of Susans passing, I feel so sad. I didn't know her, but her website was a shining beacon to me. My condolences to her family and friends. In this twilight world inhabited by people like me, who keep a half of ourselves very secret, there are very few places to visit that have the right subject matter, tone and honesty. Susans site was one of the very few. I do hope that it may be continued as a living monument to her. Rest in peace Susan, and though you never knew it, thank you for touching my life.
In sadness

Thank-you for delivering the recent sad news. Susan brought comfort and inspiration to countless individuals. My life has been enriched through the postings in her forum and I will certainly miss her guidance and positive attitude. We have been fortunate to have known Susan through her work. She has provided benefits beyond measure and in that way she has made the world a better place.
Gina la Valampe

I have been privileged to know Susan for a number of years, and to meet her face-to-face on several occasions. She had a wealth of knowledge and was always looking for something with which she might be able to connect with whom she was speaking, regardless of who it was. While most of us accentuate the differences, she looked for commonalities. The news of her passing struck me with an amount of shock that is not the usual for me - in my "real life" occupation, it is not unusual for me to deal with death, but this was quite a shock and a deep sense of loss. I am sure others feel the same. Sometimes I get into conflicts with others (that's the understatement of the year...), because of my strong opinions. Susan was always ready to support me when it was warranted, and for that I thank her and am thankful for her life. I hope that this site will continue, not as a memorial of her death, but rather a tribute to her life.
Victoriah Nichole Little
Proprietress and Editress, "Knuffles, the Magazine"

I am sorry to hear of Susan's death. She was wonderful and she will be missed by very many of us.

I was so sorry to hear of Susan's passing away. She provided a wonderful light to us all, and she will be very sadly missed.
My thoughts are with her family.

I am so deeply saddened by Susan's passing. We were friends, collaborating happily, in sharing this life style. I will miss her terribly.
Mary Beth Sanford

It is with real and genuine sadness that I read this evening of Ms Susan's passing. Although I had never had the privilege of meeting her, we did correspond from time to time and she was always kind and understanding - in a world which so often is not. I remember when I first found the Dummy Discipline section of the site and recall my immense feeling of relief in realising that I was not alone in my feelings. Reading the letters and articles made me realise that it was 'OK' to feel that way. I hope Susan had some understanding of the comfort and reassurance her website and correspondence gave to so many people across the world. I am sure that many decent, good, well behaved sissies and AB's will say a prayer this evening and in the future for her.
Thank you Ms Susan. May you Rest In Peace.
God Bless.
Baby col-col

So very sorry to hear of the sad news regarding Susan MacDonald. My dearest condolences to her family and many friends, she will be so missed.
Rest in peace Susan
Kind regards

I'm so sorry to hear of Susan McDonald's passing. She was an inspiration to more people than she probably ever knew.

It was a jolt to read of Ms. MacDonald's passing. In the absence of a web site update, I began to be concerned for her. I speak for myself, but know that my feelings are shared by many, when I try to describe how important the "PDQ" was. She helped me feel understood, appreciated, supported, both from the "publication" itself and her personal correspondence. She created an atmosphere and dignity and lightheartedness that we all got to feel was a part of us. She helped create sense of community and belonging for people who might have otherwise felt desperately alone.

Susan Macdonald RIP.
In this virtual world on the web, knowing Susan was never to be but the abiding memory of a wonderful website that gave men like me the chance to fulfil their feminine side freely was down to her imagination and understanding, and of course only possible in the anonymity of 'cyberspace'. Us naughty boys (or is that girls) need a firm sensible hand and Susan most certainly gave us that on this site. As I sit here as she would want me all feminized in a warm nightie, lace cuffed fleecy baby blue housecoat and furry slipper bootees, I raise a toast to Susan and PDQ, may it long continue...
Stay girlie, stay fleecy, much love 'Ben'

It is with great regret and sadness that I read of Susan's death. Although I didn't know her personally, I shall still feel the loss of a unique friend. Susan's support was a life line for so many people.
Bless you Susan. May you rest in peace.

It is so sad to hear that Susan has left us. She provided a place for us where love and respect were the guiding principles, and in doing so gave us a refuge from a world which, too often, is cynical and exploitative. I regret that I was not one of her many contributors, for I would have liked to have made contact with her at some stage. As with many us I am sure, my lack of confidence let me down. Sadly the opportunity is no longer there. So, in retrospect... Thank you Susan for the wonderful creation that is PDQ. You touched me and undoubtedly many, many others who did not manage to tell you directly. May you rest in peace. Finally, sincere condolences to Susan's family and close friends. Time, and happy memories, will eventually heal the hurt you must be feeling right now.

I felt like I'd had a piece of my heart ripped out, but I appreciate your letting us know. Susan will be sorely missed.
Name Withheld

Hello. Thank you for posting the news of Susan's death. Susan created a wonderful website. I was an early contributor and supporter. I hope the site can continue. I hope you'll let us all know what you need. I think we can best honor her life by continuing the wonderful work she began.
Curtseys, pjp

Sorry to hear about Susan. Is there anything I can do?

My friend Wendy Jones has just told me of the sad news regarding Susan. Such a sad loss of such a lovely person. I've contributed a number of stories and letters to PDQ over the last 5 years, and communicating with her was always a pleasure. Her literary standards were always high, and I'll miss her as if I knew her personally, as I'm sure many others will too.
Kind regards from Jennifer Brown

It is an awful shock to me as a correspondent and contributor, as it must be to everyone. I was 'Eustace' and sent in collages and pictures of my dogs Solomon, Flora and Daisy. I was recovering from cancer myself when I discovered PDQ and became very attached to the website and Susan too. I don't think any of us were aware of her illness though she occasionally had time off from the site. We will all miss her dreadfully.

So surprised and sadden to learn about the passing of Susan. Her site was very popular, and she will be missed. My prayers go out to her family and friends.
Sincerely, Doug

I was so saddened by the announcement of the untimely death of Susan. I think that I, like many others, looked forward to her updates on PDM. I know that she will be missed very much. My thoughts and prayers go out to all her family and close friends.

Not an active member, but loved to come and read & see things that in my life can be related to.. Just so very sorry a great icon has passed and my heart goes out to her... Hopefully some things will remain for others to enjoy or become a part of...
Best Regards Michelle (Michael)

So sorry to read of Susan's passing. Condolences to all close to her

Oh My Dear, I have never met Susan, but I feel like I know her through the web. On many, many nights, as I sat here in New York City thinking that I was weird or worse... Susan's website called to me, explaining that no, I was just left of normal, as many people are. I will miss a woman I've never known, as I so loved her opinion of me and my brothers/sisters... she loved us, as we should learn to love ourselves.
xoxo, John

It is very sad news, she will be missed by many. It seems that you get to know someone and then they are gone.
Brenda T. USA

The news that cancer had taken Susan MacDonald's life saddened me greatly. She had corresponded with me many times in a past months and not once did she mention her struggle. She put the concerns of others ahead of her own. Susan set a very high standard for Petticoat Discipline Quarterly, and in her reasonable and gentle manner, she inspired us to improve ourselves by following her example. I will always love her and be grateful that she shared her life with us.
Respectfully, Lana

I am sorry to hear of the death of Susan, I did open my heart to her once or twice and always had a reply in the form of publishing with added comments. Please accept my sincere condolences. I do hope that PDQ will continue as it has helped so many people.
Yours Roy (Jean)

It was with great sadness that I read about Susan's passing. I have followed Petticoat Discipline Quarterly for years and I was sure that the help and encouragement it provided with such compassion and good humour reflected the character of Susan herself. Indeed, she will be missed. I hope that you will be able to keep the site going. My condolences to all who were close to her.
Effy P

So very sorry to hear the news. The monthly newsletter is always fabulous. RIP Susan

My god.....I feel awful now.....Sorry...........

I would like to say how sad, I was to hear of the passing of Miss Susan. I found her website just a few weeks ago, she was a very great lady and I will miss her words greatly. Rest in Peace, Miss Susan.

Susan represented a world in which men and boys were lovingly kept petticoated, pantied, pinafored and in their place. But where sloppy, idle, wishy-washy thinking was not tolerated. The best of both worlds. When and where will we see her like again?

I was very saddened to learn of the sudden death of dear Susan MacDonald as her comptroller of Railways in the United Kingdom. Used to send her photographs of London where I used to work before retiring in 2003. Susan was always very helpful and understanding to us and I used to look forward to reading her web site as and when she published it. Susan is now at rest in the safe arms of the Lord. As the poem 'High Flight" had for the last verse and put out his hand and touched the face of God!! For Susan it should be and put out her hand and touched the face of God!! May she rest in eternal peace.
Yours Sincerely, Baby Louise
Comptroller of Railways UK!!

Sorry to hear about Miss MacDonalds death. please send my condolences to her family/survivors, I would appreciate hearing if/when the site continues.
Thank you, Dr. Alvin

What sad news. What terribly sad news. Dear Susan was a light of love and caring in this world of what is so often filth and disgusting behavior. How I wish I could have met her and how foolish I feel for not having sent an email to her while I could. So many years I have followed her site, her comments, and found such a warmth of love and true understanding. I do not think I will ever find that again. God bless her for all her hard work and may she rest in peace.
This has to be one of the saddest days of my life.

It saddens me to learn of Susan MacDonald's passing. Her special flavor of support for understanding gender will be sorely missed by all. My condolences to her family and friends.

I only had a couple of brief email exchanges with Susan and appreciated her helpfulness; obviously everyone who knew her and or corresponded with her will be extremely saddened with the news. My token to her memories are the following few words:
Following on from such a loss,
for now our world has lost its gloss;

with love and care Susan allowed us to air
experiences and emotions not shared elsewhere;

Her lasting legacy is Petticoat Punishment,
and fondest memories of her, a fitting testament.
with respect
Steve / Stella

I have just read on the PDQ website about the very sad passing away of Miss Susan MacDonald. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I had no idea that the poor lady was suffering from cancer or was unwell.
Yours sincerely,
Jane Anderson

As the longtime host of this site it came as a shock to me that she had passed away, I had no idea she was that ill. I feel just terrible about her loss and will miss her everyday. Rest in peace friend.

It was a great shock to hear the news of Susan's death. I counted Susan - whom I knew and met as Pammie - as a good friend, and her dedication to PDQ ensured that it was an extremely popular site. Her wit and down-to-earth advice and comments will be sorely missed.
Yours sincerely,

Hello: None of you know me, but I was a very big fan of Ms. McDonald. I came today to find out she was gone. I am so sad all I can do is blink away the tears and attempt to write this. It seems all too often the very special people are taken from us and we are left to grieve and regret we didn't have the opportunity to get to know someone better. Please accept my condolences to all of you and Susan's family. I cannot find any more words to express the loss of an very nice person.
Sadly Jackie Caudill.... :(

I have always loved this site. Susan McDonald was one of those rare individuals who understood what a janegirl ( sissy ) really is. Susan will be missed by many of us. It is simply a tragic loss. I am still finding it difficult to grasp that she is gone.
~Sissy Toby~

It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Susan MacDonald. My wife and I send our sympathies to her family and loved ones. We would like to thank her for the work she did with her website that set a tone of love and affection in area of behavior that is all too vulnerable to ridicule and misunderstanding. Susan kindly showed my drawings and letters over the past few years and PDQ is the only suitable outlet for my experiences and artwork. We hope that PDQ continues and I look forward to making further contributions.

I just logged on to the site and was surprised to see that my dear "web mommy" has passed away. A group of my friends kept in touch with her over the years and she will be sadly missed. She supported the methods by which I was kept in line and I hope that you will be able to 'connect' with those of us who wish to keep in touch with someone who will be able to understand us. She once told me in an e-mail that she wasn't feeling well and that she hoped that if she needed to stop her site, that someone would fill in and keep it going. I sincerely hope that you will do the same.
Her loving web son,

I too, am deeply saddened and bereaved that the good Lord saw fit to take Susan MacDonald from us. I have been a reader of Petticoat Discipline Quarterly for some time. I will always have the highest regard for the way Susan MacDonald kept our site sweet and delightful, without sliding into degeneracy. If all that Susan MacDonald did was administer this site, Dayenu - it would have been enough for us. For participants (such as myself) on another web site where she was an active participant under a different name, if all she did was contribute thousands of posts to that site, Dayenu - it would have been enough for us. We should be all the more grateful that the real life person Susan MacDonald was, contributed to our world in so many different ways. Those of us with feminine feelings will always be grateful she once walked the earth with us. Somewhere out there, beyond our known horizons, Miss MacDonald is wearing her petticoats proudly. Curtsies and reverances Aunt Helga for all you're doing to keep Susan MacDonald's legacy alive.

I have just been into the site and read with sadness about my friend Susan.

I was sorry to hear of Susan's death. I often looked up the website. It was classy and stylish. Just like Susan, I'm sure.

I just don't know how to express my feelings when I received your devastating news of Susan's death. I have been reading and corresponding with her and the magazine almost since the start. She will be greatly missed by me and many other transvestites like me. She was always helpful and encouraging and kept a very high standard in what is a very demanding and difficult media. Wherever you are Susan may your god be with you.
Maid Angela Brown

I'm so saddened to hear the news of Susan's passing, so very sad. Just this week I was intending to send her a present for her birthday on November 2. Susan was a remarkable woman who opened up a very comfortable home for those of us inclined to more old-fashioned styles of petticoating and the like. While she had her preferences - and always made these clear - she was never narrow in what she included in PDQ. The range of reader's fantasies and inclinations that were included in the journal are testament to that broad view of hers. I discovered PDQ in its first year and became a regular reader and later, contributor. It was always one of my favorite sites, a true delight that over the years taught me so much about myself and desires. Susan and I communicated regularly over the years, particularly in the last eighteen months when she found out I'd recently published a book. To my complete surprise she sent me a special book and a card featuring a well-known landmark from her home near Melbourne. I will always treasure that book and the card. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and all at PDQ.

I am so sorry to hear of Susan's demise. She was a beacon of light to people like me and I will miss her greatly. God bless her memory.
Sincerely, From a Sissy in San Pedro, Ca.

Hi Helga I'm really downbeat at hearing this horrible news and it reminds of the sad time in the passing of my dad's beautiful mother in my Beloved Nanna and she was a really beautiful person like my late grandmother. She really appreciated my 'cute' Janegirls' cartoons and like the even better cartoonists like Christeen and Eustace for a very good example. I've only started reading PDQ because a crossdresser at my supermarket was talking to me about people like 'herself' in PDQ and so I sort of came on board as a watcher but think of all Susan's readers as a special group of people who are not at all scared to be different and as I'm so painfully shy then I must be part and parcel of this lovely site.
Patrick. RIP Susan you beautiful swan.

I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Susan. She created a website without parallel, a home for many of us. How I regret that I never had a chance to submit a story or a reminiscence to "pay back" for what others have offered her. I pray that I will have the opportunity to do so in the future.

How sad when someone so special is taken from us. I can only take comfort that her battle is over and she can be at peace now. It was not entirely unexpected to hear of Susan's passing. I sensed a while back when she was unwell for a spell that it was more serious than she acknowledged. I did not know her personally but through regularly visiting PDQ have gained a real sense of the warmth, compassion and sensitivity that accompanied her comments and motivation for the website. I want to thank her again for being the creator and sustained of such a haven of acceptance in a sometimes rather judging world. People like Susan are rare gifts and she has made a massive difference in many lives. Needless to say sincere condolences to her family and those close to her. I am sure she will be deeply missed. Wherever she is now, may she know of the depth of love and affection held for her. I sense there is a strong group of caring and committed folk who have worked with Susan and who will do all possible to keep her memory alive through sustaining a most worthwhile website. Warmest blessings to all and especially to Susan
Pamela Ann

Bless her heart, I'm still sad hearing the news. Sweet Susan was and always will be an inspiration to me. I grew up visiting at her sissy site which was a part of inspiring me to make Sissy Kiss. She has been a blessing to so many sissies it would be hard to count! The amazing impression she made on the world will live on. She will be very missed and loved.
~Christie Luv~
Webmissy of Sissy Kiss

I have just logged on to the petticoated site and am shocked to read of the passing of Susan. Like many others, I did not know her personally but felt as though I did. She understood me, and others like me as no-one else could. I am deeply saddened to learn that she has gone. My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

It is only this morning that we have seen the sad news of Susan's death. We were obviously worried when updates did not appear on PDQ and I wrote to her some time ago. What a remarkable lady who has played such a part in promoting, in such sophisticated and loving ways, female superiority and feminizing of our males for the good of both sexes and harmony. She will be missed and it is down to us to continue her work for a better world and domestic harmony. Her life must be celebrated. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
From Jennifer, daughters Sophie, Emma and Emily, friend Holly and sissy Stephanie-jane.

What tragic news to hear of the loss of Susan MacDonald. We have corresponded regularly over many years and numerous issues of PDQ have contained letters and pictures on the subject of myself and Penelope. Never once did Susan refer to her own her own problems. I became concerned at the sudden cessation of updates and e-mailed Susan this week. Then on Friday night I opened my mailbox to find my e-mail returned, opened and was devastated at the announcement of her passing. Susan will be missed terribly. She did a wonderful job for the petticoated community and maintained a superb website, always beautifully presented and, unlike many, of the highest literary standards. She will be missed terribly by us all and I offer my deepest sympathy to her family and friends.
Yours sadly,

You have been such an inspiration for so many years, I shall miss you...
Sissy JJ. XXX

It was with a very deep heart felt sadness to learn that Susan Macdonald had passed away. That this wonderful lady who so enriched and enhanced our lives. With her down to earth advice and no nonsense common sense approach to life. Is sadly no longer with us. That she was able through the PDQ website to build up a world wide community. That covered a subject matter that generally is not openly aired. Within this community Susan Macdonald has touched many of us. She will live for ever in are hearts and in our tears. God bless you Susan. May you Rest In Peace for ever more. May I also add my sincere condolences to her family and friends.

We have truly lost a great and wonderful sister. She inspired so many through the years (Myself included). She will missed in this household so much. With Deepest sorrow.
Mistress Roberta

With do good respect I am saddened to hear of the passing of Susan. I am in the U.S.A and have read all of the stories that are here in this wonderful website. I believe that Susan did have the right idea when it came to bringing up unruly Males. I just wish I could have been able to be brought up under petticoat discipline when I grew up. I am a crossdresser and I am half English, and I feel that that is where I feel I have missed something by being brought up in the states. I may have had to gone through petticoat discipline had I been brought up there instead of here in the U.S.A. Don't get me wrong I am proud to be an American, I just think kids get away with everything these days and it is getting worse. If we could just bring our kids under Petticoat Discipline without being thought of as cruel or using sexual abuse to control them. It is allowed in many States to spank kids these days, but if kids think they are abused in anyway they just run to Human Services and file a complaint against the parents. Once again Susan will be missed and I am glad to hear the website will not die with her. GOD BLESS!!!

She was like a guardian angel watching over me. I feel privileged to have been associated with her - it was an honour. Her hard work and quality shine through the pages of PDM. Miss Susan MacDonald was great!
Marcia Bottomley

I was greatly saddened by the news of Susans passing. I corresponded a few times with her on this site and although she had many postings she always made you feel that you were important. She will be greatly missed and my thoughts go out to her family and friends at this sad time.
Pinafored David.

I am sorry to hear of Susan's death. She did a wonderful work for us, for me as a man, who know, that her work is necessary for us. She helped me to understand, that I need to change my behavior and that it is helpful for me, to be changed into a babygirl. Thank You Susan - and rest in a lovely peace.

Dearest Susan,
Thank you for everything. I remain your Girl From Strathyre. Much Love and Much More.

I am saddened by this dreadful news. I can only say what everyone else has. Miss Susan will be terribly missed. I would like my condolences to be passed on to her family and friends if you would be so kind. But mere words cannot make up for the loss experienced by her extended family. Miss Susan personified 'class'. She never allowed PDQ to deteriorate into a mass of smut. She always held the belief that petticoat or dummy discipline belonged only within the sphere of a loving relationship. What a refreshing attitude. Even when she disagreed with a particular point of view she did so with gentleness and old-world courtesy - a virtue almost unheard of in this modern world. Please maintain PDQ even if it is only as a tribute to Miss Susan. May she rest in peace.

My sincere condolences for Susan's family and friends at her very sad passing. To keep her web site going is the greatest tribute to her memory that anyone can give. May she be at peace now.
Janett Scott. UK

I was so sorry to learn of Susan's death. I had only recently come to hear of PDQ and through reading the many and varied contributions find out that other people felt like I do. For this alone I owe Susan a heart felt "Thank You". I do hope it will be possible to keep PDQ going and so keep Susan's memory alive. Rest in Peace, Susan.

Farewell Ms. Susan. Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is a wonderful site. Without PDQ, I would still be sitting in the dark. Your love and support of effeminate (and especially petticoated) people like me have made sissydom especially beautiful. I hope that your new life in heaven is one that includes beautiful dresses and dollies.
Loving Jamie

I am truly sorry to here that susan lost her battle with cancer I have never subscribed a story to peticoatdisipline but have used it's service and it has helped my marriage as I am able to suppress my urges simply by reading of others. I myself lost my dad to cancer this year so I wish to let her family and friends know how deeply sorry I feel for them.
regards Jeff Morgan

I knew Susan as a personal friend for many years and had the pleasure of meeting her several times. She was a wonderfully warm and gentle person, but not without the ability to be forthright when occasion warranted it. Her passion for reaching out to people is all too evident to all who came to love the carefully crafted pages of her website. A shining beacon in the community, and friend to so many of us, she will be greatly missed. Susan, thank you for being my friend and for your wit and insight into humanity, which enriched my life greatly. With tears,
Debbie Sanderson - Girltalk.

Truly today the world is much darker and drearier place than it was a month ago. With Susan's passing a bright light has gone out. I have been concerned for a long time, I knew she was struggling with health problems, when the site wasn't updated I feared the worst. At least the bright spot is her troubles are over, and she is in a place of peace and love. God Bless
Milwaukee, WI USA

I feel so very sad that a brilliant woman like Miss Susan could pass away so soon, her site inspired me to be the woman I am. She was an amazing woman for bringing all of us together. My deepest condolences to her family. I will miss her.
Sarah Sophie Jane

We are devastated to learn of Susan's passing. She was one of the most remarkable people we have ever had the privilege of knowing. A loving, generous soul of amazing intellect if there ever was one. With Susan, we shared both our passion for petticoat and nursery discipline, our love of the iconic comic strip character, Buster Brown, and abiding life long love of thoroughbred racing. It is impossible to say how much we will miss her being a part of our lives, other than to say that she will be missed terribly, but never forgotten. Rest in peace, Susan.
Timmy & Ann

I haven't been a long time subscriber to PDQ, only a few months, but because of PDQ and Ms. MacDonald, I realized it was ok to be me. After reading all the back issues, I began to open up to my loved ones and as it turned out i was accepted for who I am. Ms MacDonald will surely be missed, but keeping PDQ going is more of a tribute to someone very special. It will be her legacy

I am so sad to hear of the passing of Miss MacDonald, what a special person she was, to be able to understand us all with our little fetishes, and never a word that she herself was struggling with that terrible illness, may god bless her and look after her with all the love she showed us, goodnight my dear Miss MacDonald, God Bless You.

Susan's death affected me deeply. Her insight and wisdom was an inspiration to us all. Although I never met her in person, I felt is if I knew her from her writings. My most sincere condolences to all her friends and family.

It is with great sadness that I have just read of Susan's passing. I am another of those that she did not know, but who has been reading PDQ for a number of years. For me what she gave us was beyond words. I, like many others lead two lives, the one that is public and one that is very private. Susan. Thank you for all you have done. You will be missed and I hope your PDQ will continue as you wished it would forever.

I was genuinely shocked and saddened to read of Susan's passing when I visited the website just the other day. This is such a unique website that was made even more so because it was presided over by the indomitable matriarch that was Susan MacDonald. I can't think of any other website where sissy males could correspond with a strict but understanding and genuine motherly figure. So I'm glad to hear that the website will be carried on and I hope that a suitable lady can be found in Susan's mould to take over the reins of running the website.

An archivist, essayist and critic of the first calibre. I had the great fortune to exchange emails with Susan about her brilliant essays on art and literature. I'd promised her one about Achilles, but it is too late now!! Condolences to all who loved her.

I am mortified to hear of Susan's passing. Words fail to describe how she altered my life beyond recognition with her help, kind words, thoughtfulness, complete understanding of a situation that I found myself in, all of this and I never met her. Please convey my best of wishes to Family and friends. I feel as though she was a very close friend, and I sit here with a heavy heart at this news. I owe her memory too much, I am what and who I am because of her and the web site. Rest in peace my very special friend. You will never be forgotten as long as there is a breath in me.

I was shocked when my friend gave me the news that Miss Susan passed away. She was a very special woman to many of us and I will miss chatting with her.

It is with deep regret that I learn of the passing of Susan MacDonald. I did not know her personally, but have had the odd communication from her. She was lady that inspired me in my cross-dressing and only came to know her by just surfing on the internet. She will be missed by all peoples who knew of her site. I offer my condolences to Susan's family and can tell them, that Susan is not suffering anymore. Thank you Susan, for sharing your expert knowledge and rest in peace.

I was shocked and instantly saddened when I read on the website Susan had passed away. Like most readers of her site I knew she sometimes felt unwell, but I never realized she was quite so grave. The fact that she was able to keep the site going right up until a few weeks before her passing shows just how much passion and love she had for it. My heartfelt condolences go to her family and friends. I only found her truly wonderful site a few months ago, and I was one of its last contributors when I wrote to her about my experiences being dressed as a girl by my loving grandmother during my weekend stays with her. I'm so glad I was able to tell her my story before she passed, because I have wanted to tell my story to somebody for so long, and after reading through all the back issues of her magazine and seeing how caring and understanding she was towards other people who have had a similar experience to my own, I realized to my joy she was the person I could finally confide in about the most wonderful experience of my life. An experience that most people would shun, not understand or even frown at. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me that opportunity. I finally felt at peace with my petticoating experiences when I realized I was not alone in them, and without Susan and her site that would never have been possible. And in that regard I hope the site carries on in some form in Susan's honor, so other people like me can have somebody caring and understanding to tell their story to and to have it read by similar like minded people.

Though I cannot put into words,
I shall try to do my best,
For miss Susan and her passing,
Now that she's at rest

She taught us many things,
She told us many times,
A practice so enlightening
It could tear my heart in twine

So now I feel I must say,
So now I want to speak,
Miss Susan, I will miss you
Thank you for everything.
Joshua Hill

I extend my condolences to Miss Susan MacDonald's friends, family, and all of those who were blessed to encounter this remarkable woman. She exemplified for us all so many talents, abilities, Indeed, countless worthy qualities of the highest order!

Miss MacDonald was an individual of great care and brevity; so in her Spirit I shall be respectfully brief.

Miss MacDonald was the rarest of persons: a brilliant scholar, a noble heart, and a generous tutor. This combination of knowledge and compassion--which was of the firm sort and never wishy-washy, made for a compelling friend and mentor. Miss MacDonald was both sensitive, as well as sensible, and thus was a formidable educator of our youth. I knew her to be a stalwart defender of rare virtues, and we have all benefitted from her tireless efforts.

Here, at the Bessbrooke school, I have commissioned several of the senior girls to install a plaque in honour of Miss MacDonald. In recognition of her life's work, we will henceforth rename the school library in her memory.

I miss very much someone who was both companion and colleague.
Tara, dear friend.
Sarah Fraser,
Headmistress, Bessbrooke School

I send my heartfelt condolences to Susan MacDonald's friends and family. It was clear that she put up a valiant resistance when she plainly knew that her life here was coming to a close. She kept this wonderfully tasteful and compassionate website going for as long as she could and she brought such comfort and reassurance to so many of us. I had a few e-mail exchanges with her and she published a couple of my letters. I also sent her many pictures which I entitled "A Celebration of Femininity". She seemed delighted with these and had begun to use them on the website. She said that she would like to create an album on the site from these pictures and did create the beginnings of a "gallery" in two of the recent issues. Her sensitivity and understanding towards the subject that we all have in common was an oasis in a largely uncaring world. I firmly believe that she is still there and I wish her true happiness in her new world.
Much love,

I was sorry to hear about Miss MacDonald's passing away. She has provided us with a great service of both entertaining and guiding value, for which she will be kindly remembered and missed. Sincere condolences,

I would like to express my own deepest sorrow at the passing of Susan MacDonald. Susan's common sense advice and kindness in her site told me that it was alright to be a sissy boy and there are people out there, men and women who are very fond of their sissies. For years I have been to psychiatrists and felt all sorts of horrible thoughts about myself, which I will not delve into here. Susan's PDQ site was a shining beacon of hope amongst a lot of filth out there on the Internet. Finding her site was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can honestly say that thanks to Susan, I am proud to be a girly boy. Rest In Peace Susan.

Although I never knew her, I have been visiting this site for several years; Susan will be greatly missed by all who came in contact with Her.

I am yet another reader who has never written in to the site. While I have never met Miss MacDonald I am sad to find of her passing. I can understand why she never told any of her readers about her fight with cancer as my father was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002. I found the website by accident in October of 2005 doing research for a paper for my psychology class. I then looked into the back issues and found the September 2001 issue which made me glad as for once I found a site that understood our sadness and anger. I then decided that I wanted to use the site as a reference for a novel that I have been trying to write about a young girl who has to start all over in a world where none of our technology works. I was going to have her get married and use petticoat punishment on her son and daughter as it keeps them both out of the dangerous woods near their house. Sorry to ramble on, but I have been wanting to get this off my chest for several months and finally got the guts to write in this month. Susan you shall be missed. God Bless you.
Fayetteville, NC USA

I was so sorry to hear of Susans' passing, I pray she is in a better place. I have been using this site for a few years now and it has brought me great pleasure, so I hope it can continue as a constant tribute to Susan. My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.

Susan was an oasis of common sense and dignity in a lifestyle which is plagued by needless vulgarity and selfishness. I didn't know her personally but she clearly put a lot of heart into her work and believed in herself, as well as having respect for the opinions of others. Her greatest epitaph speaks for itself; she never charged a penny for her time and effort, it was truly a labour of love and something she did for the benefit of us all. God bless you Susan, I hope this website remains active as a permanent tribute to you.

I wanted to offer my condolences on the recent passing of Miss Susan MacDonald. Her caring and thoughtfully worded messages each month will be missed. The kindness and joie de vivre that she expressed will never be forgotten.

As an occasional visitor to the PDQ website, I gained many hours of fascinating and delightful reading from Susan. Therefore it was with great sadness that I read of her passing. May she rest in peace, for she gave help, kindness and pleasure to many. I sincerely hope that some other kind soul will be able to carry on her good work, in similar fashion, to perpetuate her memory.

Dear all,
I don't know how to start my words Susan MacDonald will be Angel to every one. She always give us hope and she give us what we need. I hope her wishes become her dreams. I am a man who loves to wear woman clothes. Every time I wear my skirt I will remember her. Every time I wear a dress she will be with me. I hope all her family and her friends will keep her name alive in our hearts and in our dreams. I hope her name will live forever.

Mistress chanced upon your website, unfortunately to discover the passing of Susan MacDonald. Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your's and many others friend and confidante.

As a female I have totally sympathized with her 'mission' over the years, having known people who lived with the dilemma - and sometimes the stigma - of "needing to be Other".
I wish you a new Mother.

I felt as if I had been hit with a sledgehammer when I read the tragic news. I do not overstate the truth in saying she saved my life, when I really thought I was going mad and was seriously thinking of doing something final. Her web site and her responses showed me I was not alone, that I was not some crazy pervert. Her wise counsel, and her understanding were of an order so far above anything I have experienced. This world is a far far poorer place for her passing, and I mourn her loss. I wish I had found her earlier, known her better and longer; she had qualities which are so rare today. No doubt there are people who would vilify her work. They are less than her, as they fail to see the gentle, steady, positive guidance, the awareness of the difference between our minds fantasy and real actions, her intelligent reasoning and, not to be forgotten, her sense of fun. A most kind, helpful and generous person, who has done so much good for our community. I am sure I am not the only one that her selfless endeavors have helped. May she rest in peace, and if there is any justice she will now be in her own paradise, exalted by angels. I will miss you Susan McDonald more than words can say.

Back in 2001 I was appalled at some of the sites that featured forced feminization, transgender art and the like. After stumbling upon an issue of PDQ I knew that I had found a home and refuge, if only as a reader. I also knew that if I ever came out of my shell and made contact that it would be with Susan. Susan loved my work and gave me the encouragement to continue. I hope to add my art to new PDQ issues, but for now new art can also be found at the site. For years Susan was my sole contact and PDQ my only home away from home. Susan took the Internet road less traveled and we can all be thankful that she was there for us and sad that her life didn't continue beyond our own. Susan, may your destination be as lovely as your journey. Sadly,

It was very saddening for me to learn that Susan is no longer among us. I came to look upon Susan as a beacon of light which eased my way through the darkness I was going through. However,I was fortunate enough in being able to let her know how she, through her beautiful Petticoated site, as well as due to her good will, touched my life and managed to change it for the better. She was so kind in including my letter in the July 22, 2007 issue ("On my Recollections of a 'Beautiful Petticoat Dream'") that I will always be indebted to her in gratitude. Hereby,I send my deepest and heartfelt sympathy for Susan and all of her team. May she rest in Glory. I guess that the absolute best tribute for Susan's great undertaking would be ensuring this beautiful Petticoated web site keeps going on. This will very much help keep alive such a great spirit that proved so enlightening for us all. Most Sincerely

Hi,Please add my condolences to the list to be forwarded to the family of Susan Macdonald. Thanks.
J. Lemron

Like so many readers who have expressed their feelings, I wish to send you my condolences for Susan and to pass on to her family. I'm sure this site was a labour of love to her. I wonder when she first created it if she envisaged how popular it would become and also how needy to so many of us. Whilst I don't have feminine tendencies like so many of my co-readers, I do however enjoy my baby side and always have done ever since earliest memories. Through readers own experiences, I have since become a baby girl and love it, although I will need to find a new partner to share it with, that's life I guess. This site has always been tastefully created with a view of satisfying the readers, not to make a quick buck like so many other similar sites. I'm sure Susan would want it to continue and I for one will promise to contribute to it should you find you are able to continue. Well done for setting up this memorial page for Susan and good luck to you whatever you decide to do. Happy thoughts

Like everyone throughout the world, I am saddened and completely devastated to learn of Miss Susan's passing. I am in tears to think we have lost such a wonderful person- so giving and loving- and understanding of those of us who have duality of gender. She was a great giving lady who was literate, forthright and unafraid to uphold good standards in behavior, writing, and morality, that were unfortunately passing by the wayside. We communicated now and then via email- and she even had me on, on April Fools day, saying she was shutting down the website- chuckling in an email that I had fallen for it. We did disagree on the issue of the value of Child Psychology and Therapeutic intervention but I always loved her nevertheless feeling that given her great heart, she never could be far from right. My prayerful condolences to her family- friends and those associated with her at PDQ. I will always remember you, miss you, and be thankful to you, dear Miss Susan, and wish only that you rest in peace in heaven forever and ever, with G-d always with you. Shalom. With loving prayer,
Mandee Fine Ph.D

Dearest Susan:
I am so sorry to learn of your passing. You were certainly a bright beacon in my life; I admired you greatly from afar. You held to the very highest standards and expectations, yet in the kindest and most loving manner. I will miss you like you were my very own aunt. Rest in peace,

Like so many readers who have expressed their feelings, I wish to send you my condolences for Susan and to pass on to her family. I'm sure this site was a labour of love to her. I wonder when she first created it if she envisaged how popular it would become and also how needy to so many of us. Whilst I don't have feminine tendencies like so many of my co-readers, I do however enjoy my baby side and always have done ever since earliest memories. Through readers own experiences, I have since become a baby girl and love it, although I will need to find a new partner to share it with, that's life I guess. This site has always been tastefully created with a view of satisfying the readers not to make a quick buck like so many other similar sites. I'm sure Susan would want it to continue and I for one will promise to contribute to it should you find you are able to continue. Well done for setting up this memorial page for Susan and good luck to you whatever you decide to do Happy thoughts

Sorry to hear of Susan passing away. Always found PDQ a supportive site for those of us who have a feminine side.

It is indeed sad that such a fine human being has passed on. She was an outstanding person and will be greatly missed. Continuing the site is a fitting tribute to her.
Love Sissy Phyliss

It saddens me deeply to hear of Susan's death. Her website has been one of the few special places on the internet where I have been able to escape a world where it has sometimes been a struggle to find peace and comfort. The fact that she did so much work to create this site and offered it for free also seems so out of place in modern times. I hope she now has special wings and flies high above using her magic to create lots of heavenly petticoats.
Sissy Lynn

I just learned in shock of Susan's death. I am at such a profound and painful loss. Susan's love, insight, brilliance, immediacy and depth - via her website and email letters have freed me to be all I can be. She taught me more respect for women, my own very sensitive nature (often withdrawn). I am beside myself. I will write properly soon. I can barely imagine the tears of Susan's family and her loved ones. Susan has been my muse, literally, as she assisted me in the creation of what will probably be the most creative endeavor of my life, aptly made just for her. I hurt so bad. She is free of suffering, and fading from this world now.

The enormous number of friends contributing to the pages of remembrance for Susan is a testament indeed to the warm affection felt by so many to Susan. I too, like many others, thought her style and presentation was a rare light shining through so very murky pages on the internet. She was charitable in not succumbing to the temptations of advertising or subscription and she also showed that the sissy world need not be tawdry, smutty or crude. Light titillation from both fact and fantasy was intertwined with good honest homely advice to many people who clearly had difficulties in understanding their sexuality and the issues it raised for those around them. Her great skill was to comment succinctly on reader's questions but it was also to choose correspondence that so finely matched the overall message of her site. She will be sorely missed by those who remain on this earth but those of us who like to think of a life hereafter hope that she is able to see ripples of petticoated calm spreading out over the world from her wonderful site. So many of us have enormously good reasons to be thankful to her and the work she did for us. God Bless Susan MacDonald

I wish to express my gratitude to Miss Susan for allowing me and other women to achieve control of men in our lives in loving and caring ways. I'm sure she has touched a lot of lives and will be sadly missed.

Somehow there is something in me that rejoices for her and wishes her eternal happiness. Anyone so dedicated to love and compassion, regardless of her own and others frailties, has to be closer to God than they realize. I hope that PDQ will continue in the same fashion that she molded it: with love, compassion, understanding and humor. I will always have good feelings about her and cherish very much the kindness she showed me. She filled her life and the lives of others with many good things and her wisdom and guidance will be missed. Sincerely,
Baby Janet

So sad to hear of the loss of Susan MacDonald. Susan was such a dear friend to all of us, even those of us who, like me, she did not know, but who read her magazine regularly without contributing. She was a lighthouse to us all, and a saviour to many of us. I hope that you, Aunt Helga, and her family and friends will accept my heartfelt condolences. With Deepest Love and Sympathy,
Rachel Marie

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Miss Susan MacDonald and wish to extend to Miss MacDonald's family, friends and colleagues our sincere and heart felt condolences. We are certain and sure that not only within those circles of people who knew Miss MacDonald through direct contact with her but also countless thousands who for social reasons cannot come forward to offer their commiserations will be shocked, saddened and grieving at the loss of a lady, of a friend who did bring light and hope for understanding in to their world. We did not have the pleasure to know Miss MacDonald through direct contact or through correspondence by electronic mail, our location and other factors are not conducive to such. However this sad, sad news prompts us to break a tradition of silence to write and say that we hope the light and hope that Miss MacDonald spread about the world will be continued as a tribute in memory of the love, humanity and understand Miss MacDonald so clearly had for her fellow man. May she rest in peace and tranquillity. With Our Deepest Respects and Regards,
HRH The Lord cardinal Maximus Canttelli X
Titular head Of The Monastery Convent Of ORE

It was with deep sadness that I learnt of Susan's passing. Being of a certain age I have always found 'Petticoated' to be a comfort and a soft and gentle place to fall, Rest in peace Susan.

I am so sorry to hear of Susan MacDonald's passing. Her monthly PDQ was always a breath of fresh air in the murky atmosphere of an intolerant world. That world, as well as those of us who don't quite fit in it, needs more Susan MacDonalds! I will miss her and wish you and others well in continuing Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.

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