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A lovely place from where you can buy dresses, pinafores, bibs and bonnets for anyone you know who requires petticoat and baby training. Debbie Sanderson runs the site, and the clothes are made by Debbie's charming Mummy, Linda.

Sadly, I must announce that Girltalk will be closing down on February 18. Debbie has had some problems with the domain name, and has found very little time over the past two years to attend to the upkeep of the site (and that is something that I can well understand). However, the clothes made by Linda will still be available. This link will now take you to Debbie's e-mail address, from which you can discuss your clothing requirements.

Stop Press April 2001

Thankfully, the site has been partially saved - it will be cached but inactive, and so the link will take you to the cached copy.

Historical Boys' Clothing

This site has been recommended by a few readers, and it is excellent. I have certainly used it from time to time for information and images for my historical essays.The site concentrates on boys' clothing during the most delightfully sissy period of about 1860 to 1930. Here you will find lace-trimmed, velvet Little Lord Fauntleroy suits, Buster Brown suits, smocks and pinafores for boys, and everything else that you have ever dreamed of.

It is extremely well-researched, and extensive site - I don't believe that one could ever quite get to the end of it. Clicking on the picture of the boys in those delightful embroidered smocks will take you to the expanded site.

Sissy Kiss
sissy kiss

Welcome to Sissy Kiss! This is a fun playland for adults that are little girls at heart! For Feminization & AdultBaby lovers! Check out our fabulous forum and invite all your friends to this fun get together! We are a large community site to bring people from all over the world with the same interests together so they can have a place to support each other and have fun! We recognize that individuality and creativity is special and important in everyone when they are just being different including people who love BabyFem.

Anna Tambour
Anna Tambour
Anna Tambour is an Australian science fiction and fantasy writer who writes, Dear Miss MacDonald, I have listed your delightful essay about 'Petticoat Punishment in James Joyce's Ulysses' as the top "Irresistible" in my week-old site. I have enjoyed it for years, and it was a great pleasure to recommend it to others.

The link is now in Anna's general listings. Go to and look for October 3 2004.

Quintessence of the Loon
This site deals with weird, bizarre, and lunatic sites, at least according to the author's judgement, and Petticoat Discipline Monthly can be found in the June 2001 listings.

There is plenty of interesting reading here.

Adult Dummies and Nursing Teats

The question of the best dummy to use in deflating arrogant and noisy males in your care is a vexed one. I know that many women favour real babies' dummies, because since they are made for babies, they are much more humiliating for a male to suck, for that very reason. They also tend to come in prettier babyish colours. However, a dummy of the appropriate size can be very effective, as it really does make 'baby's' tiresome little whines and complaints quite impossible. This is a German company that manufactures dummies for babies and adults, although the adult ones do not seem to be made in the baby pink shade which many women favour for their little darlings. Nevertheless, I believe that many of my female readers may find this link useful.

Petticoat Punishment Art
Petticoat Punishment Art

This is Carole Jean's site, and she has spent the best part of a lifetime studying the illustration of petticoat discipline. Her site started a few years ago, but there have been several additions since, and some of the pictures are fascinating. The painting of the petticoated boy on Carole Jean's front page is absolutely gorgeous, and the highlight of her excellent site. I hope Carol Jean enjoys the work of Paul, whose work will be appearing in this magazine in the months to come, and who has a great future in this genre.
SissyMaidScene is a free website where Dommes, Masters, sissies, maids and sissy maids can come and socialize with other members using : video chat, messenger, groups, blogs, forums, confessions, events, photos and videos.

Mistress Lady Penelope

Welcome to the House of Mistress Lady Penelope is a free website for you to view. Mistress Lady Penelope transforms males into obedient petticoated and frilly pantied sissy girls and sissy maids. If you need your husband/partner/boyfriend transformed and trained Mistress Lady Penelope is awaiting your call on 07970183024.

Grateful Pain

For all your hand crafted bondage toys we are your first and final stop. The best in BDSM, fetish, Bondage Gear, Adult toys and furniture. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials and source our timber direct from the tree milling and kiln drying all our own timber giving us great scope and flexibility to our products. We have the toys to bring all of your kinky desires to life, for all of your guilt free pleasures.

Long Island Staylace Association

I should recommend a site where women can obtain corsets of the very highest quality for disciplining their husbands or older sons. I have no hesitation in recommending Thomas B. Lierse, who manages this web site. He is scrupulously honest, and devoted to supplying corsets of exemplary standard. To obtain a good disciplinary corset you could not do better.

Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse

"This is Prim's new site filled with his sissy stories and drawings. Weak-willed males are dressed in silks and frills by determined women. One price brings access to everything at once when you live in the Wendyhouse."


This site provides nappies and baby pants (including those lovely ones with all the sissy ruffles on the seat) in sizes to fit anybody. Readers have informed me that the quality is very good.

Satique Lingerie
Satique Lingerie

This is a store that produces beautiful ruffled and belaced undies, and specializes in producing clothing for males under petticoat discipline. It has supplied pretty panties for naughty boys being petticoat punished by their mothers, and is definitely worthy of recommendation as another site where you can obtain the clothing you need for proper discipline.

American Shapewear
American Shapewear

Saffy recommends this site as an excellent source of firm foundation garments for disciplining husbands. All kinds of foundations are available, and they are very pretty, with lace panelling, and lace at the legs. The quality is high, and delivery is prompt. Definitely recommended.

Lilies of the Field
Lilies of the Field

Lilies of the Field is a beautiful site for obtaining old-fashioned, modest, and feminine dresses, undies, aprons, and bonnets which would be perfect for petticoating. The apron in the picture is available in large sizes, and is well up to 'Penelope standard' if I may put it in those terms.

This site believes in its lovely clothing styles for religious reasons, but all the garments at this site would be excellent for wives who wish to take control in the domestic sphere, and the clothing is very well made, and reasonably priced.

I myself have received some dove-soft, incredibly comfortable bloomers from Lilies of the Field from Mary Beth and John, dear friends, and great supporters of 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' and this site. These soft flannel undies are without parallel, and I strongly recommend 'Lilies' to any readers who feel the need for petticoating. Wait till you see the dresses, petticoats and pinafores in their catalogue! Remember though that this is a very modest, religious-oriented site, and it needs to be approached with tact and common sense.

Bloomers for You
Bloomers for You
Custom, hand-made quality bloomers for all occasions, and surely that includes petticoat discipline. And female readers will be happy to learn that you can order the leg elastic as strong and tight as you wish, so hubbie has no chance of forgetting that he is wearing bloomers.

Lisa Rosenberg just loves bloomers, and can also make knickers and pantalettes to your design. What a marvellous site! Mary Beth and Jacqueline recommended it to me.

The Vermont Country Store
Vermont Country

You can't beat the Vermont Country Store for good old-fashioned feminine nightgowns and underwear, and that makes it an excellent recommendation for mothers and wives considering the benefits of petticoat discipline. Their soft winter flannel nightgowns are full ankle length and should ensure that hubby doesn't get up to any mischief in bed, at least not without your permission. As the site itself says, 'If you were allowed to open only one gift on Christmas Eve, it was probably your new flannel nightgown. And I bet you slept like a babe that night wrapped in the comfort and warmth of a 100% cotton flannel nightgown like ours. Finished with a lace-trimmed collar, cuffs, and yoke, and a two-button placket'.

This excellent site was sent to me by dear Cliff. Diapers and Baby Vinyl Pants
baby pants

This site has available soft vinyl baby pants in a variety of styles, and a few different designs of cloth diapers or nappies. They are well-made, and the site knows all about big babies like you.

Vinyl pants and bloomers are available with lacy trim.

Pleasing Panties
Pleasing Panties

This site creates knickers in the pretty styles of the 1950s and 1960s, and sells many of their products through the eBay auction site. The feedback from buyers has been 100% excellent, which encourages me to put up a link to this site. Remember, 'pantie punishment' can be carried out 24 hours a day, and is a very good curative for straying husbands.

For those readers who need full bloomers (or directoire knickers) in the classic style, there is an excellent supplier in the United States who Mary Beth recommends unreservedly. The proprietor has sent some to me and the quality is excellent, and delivery times amazing. The stock is from 1952 to 1974, and is in a number of fabrics. Kurt Manning, the proprietor, also writes, 'I still have a seamstress make up Antron 111 Nylon long leg bloomers with extra ruffled legs for $30 each Plus P&H. They have legs that go to the knees and the material is exquisite and sensuous. Right now I have been selling them mostly to folk dancing ladies in the USA'.

The long leg ruffled bloomers sound ideal for firm, determined wives who wish to introduce full petticoating for their husbands. The minimum order for bloomers is three pairs. Now, Kurt does not have a web site, but does have an e-mail address and fax number, on either of which he can be contacted at any time. His address should be written exactly as follows:

35501 S. Hwy 1 #40
Gualala CA 95445

fax: USA (707) 884 9609

Annette's Knickers (formerly Annette's Petticoats and Panties)
Charles writes:

'Having complained about expensive pricing from British suppliers of undies, it is nice to point out a reasonable one. I was given this contact by a friend and purchased a couple of pairs of full panties in a heavy nylon. Her address is:

Annette's Knickers
Box 20, New Mill Garage
New Mill Penzance TR20 8UX
United Kingdom

The following are supplied:
Directoire Knickers in Rayon, Nylon and Cotton.
Nylon Panties.
Heavy Nylon Panties.
Nylon Panties with Lace.
Panties with cuff leg in Nylon, Rayon and Cotton.
French Knickers.


Prices range from £5.90 to £9.90 Annette can also supply slips, petticoats and nighties. I can attest to the quality of these products, that are all British made. I have spoken to Annette over the phone and found her most amenable. She was more than happy for me to pass on her address to your magazine. I hope that this may be of some use to your readers'.

Please note that Annette is mail order only, but that her garments are very good quality.

If any readers find the service from any of these sites unsatisfactory, please write to me if the problem cannot be resolved. But obviously you must contact the site first, and try to sort things out. I am working hard to only provide links to reliable suppliers of quality clothes. My good reputation partly depends on this.

A reader has had a great deal of difficulty in their dealing with Academy Wear. The payment has been accepted (of course!) but the clothes have not been delivered by the promised date, and this has happened more than once. The reader, on contacting Academy Wear, was met with verbal abuse. I would not recommend that any readers do business with them.

Going to the Shop

Jackson's of Reading
'Pinafored David' reported this remarkable shop, which is like going back in time forty years, in every way. It still has in stock proper full length pinafores and the most pretty aprons with broderie anglaise trim. Any wives not far from Reading who are considering placing their husbands under petticoat discipline should take him along to Jackson's for a very humiliating shopping binge.

April 2001
I received a further letter from 'Pinafored David', which adds, 'I was very pleased to see that you had added Jacksons of Reading to the 'Shopping' section of links. However I have now discovered that they also still sell directoire knickers in silky material in three colours - white,jade and peach. I still love your site'. Pinafored David.

Saffy has also commented about Jackson's: 'I believe this store also has an excellent lingerie section where it is still possible to obtain 'old fashioned' foundation garments with which to petticoat husbands/partners. Sadly, many of the shops which used to stock such garments have, alas, disappeared from the average 'High Street'.

So readers are informed that you can still buy tight girdles and silky bloomers at Jackson's - what a petticoat discipline treasure trove it must be!

MacMaster Fashions, Savoy Centre, Glascow
This is mainly a shop for ladies' wear, with very attractive tartan skirts in the window. It also has 'football kilts', which according to one of our readers are light, and comparatively cheap, kilts which are more like skirts. The female attendants will ensure that they fit properly, and that the length is right. For what is, in effect, a pretty pleated skirt for your man, this shop sounds like just the place to go. And if they sell knickers and satin slips, you can complete his domestic outfit.

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