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Brownie Uniform
Hi everyone,

One outfit that I have been thinking about lately is a Brownie uniform. Not the current one, but the 'traditional' one from circa 1967-1990. I think that it would make the perfect slave outfit.

Imagine if your Dominant Mistress/Nanny made you dress up in one. She would then take you around to one of her female friends and announce that you be her slave,. (This could be for a day/week/weekend etc.) You would have to do household chores, perhaps even have to do the gardening & shopping.

Permission for spanking/paddling/caning & bondage would have been given, so that if your work was too slow or slovenly, you would be disciplined for it. (Imagine if your Auntie's friend had her women friends around and you had to serve them tea. As you poured out the tea, they would be laughing at you and enjoying your humiliation.)

Well, it is an unusual alternative to a Maid's outfit! What do other Sissies think?

I think it is a delightful idea. I would love to have one in my size, although much shorter than the Brownies used to wear. Both humiliating and exciting! A traditional sash should be included, and as the sissy demonstrates proficiency in various tasks (cooking, cleaning, sewing, laundry, massage, - whatever your mistress desires), a patch would be added to the sash. When presented to other females, the sash would either be a source of pride or embarrassment. The other women could then help "train" the sissy as they saw fit, helping her to earn additional patches. More incentive to be as feminine and sissy as possible at all times. Count me in!❤️

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