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Book recommendation - Nursery Days
Hi everyone,

I'd like to recommend the following book "Nursery Days"  by Angela Lynne. (Published by George Lynn, Shropham Hall, Norfolk. ISBN 987-0-9931030).

It is a large  'coffee table' book full of colour photographs detailing the extensive range of children's clothing collected by the author. Although her collection dates back to the 1890s, it is the period from 1925-1985 which makes up the bulk of it.

The book's chapters include Smocked Dresses & Romper Suits, Shoes, Woollen Garments, Underwear & Nightwear, Fancy Dress, Buttons, Bibs & Bonnets, Prams & Labels. Children's toys & games are also featured. There is a section entitled 'Scenes of Childhood', which feature clothing, books, toys etc, displayed in different settings. (This includes headings such as 'Christening', 'Mothers Little Helper', 'Young Gardeners', 'Off To The Seaside', 'The Tea Party', 'Fancy Dress Ball' , 'Time With Parents - The Hour' & 'Off To Prep School').

My favourite chapter is that regarding the Smocked dresses- pretty, puff-sleeved ones with Peter Pan collars. (What Sissy wouldn't like to be dressed in one?). Also, on Page 166, there is a photograph of a young girl in a smocked dress sitting at a table and looking very depressed. But if you picture  her with short hair, it is not hard to imagine that it  is boy in the dress and looking upset because he has been made to dress as a girl. (Well, in  my imagination!).

Angela Lynne has also included some of her colour drawings  in the book, which add to the overall charm of it. At £35.00, it is not cheap, so perhaps the local library could get in a copy? (When I purchased it in Norwich, it was under the 'Photography' section of the Department store).

I thoroughly recommend it - the chapter on the Smocked dresses is particularly enjoyable. If you can get a look at  a copy, then you won't be disappointed.

(P.S. if I come across any more books that may be of interest to Sissies, I will let you know).

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