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Forced Feminization Fantasies - My Story -
You know how it started for me , when i was child of age 14 , i had feminization fantasies , i used to fantasize about some girl feminizing me , so i started wearing my sister panties and then bras , soon it catched fire and i started wearing dresses , my mother peticoat , blouses , doing my make up , all privately ,i use stuff my bra , and make my chest look so real like breasts , i use to feel so good about wearing those , having my own breasts, lost in the the fantasy world , fantasizing anything .

In my early days i use to have the feeling of guilt and shame , resistance , fighting inside with my habit , wanted to quit but could never did so. Then i started searching on internet for why thi happens to me...i found a website ... - Teresa bowers .

She completely feminized my mind , i have been addicted to that site , it was the beginning , then i started stealing neighbours clothes , everything , then i started buying my own as i once got caught while stealing , i had a huge collection from top to bottom everything , i have collected and purged 4-5 times , it was always been a struggle, i have shared my cd side with few womens life some feminized me more , some hated me...dis girl side has crushed my male ego...earlier i use to have forced feminization fantasies by women , but as an when one goes deeper into the crossdressing , one crosses every limit, i started talking to a guy online, i shared my girl side with him , he started feminizing me..and made me develop attraction for his dick and made me do roleplays as a girl...i started from panties and it went so far.
Sissy Paula.

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