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Sharing or Not?
Are you lucky enough to be able to share your chosen lifestyle with another person or partner?  Or do you fly solo and enjoy the fact that you can?  Or perhaps you seek out a professional set up so it's less messy or embarrassing?
Always in strict uniform
I'm mostly on my own, but I do have a couple of friends I share the kinkier stuff with when I can.

One lives quite near, so we can play when we both feel like it. The other one lives a long way away, but visits on business about once a month, so we meet up then.

But most of my friends know I cross dress, and I don't mind them seeing me dressed.
Fortunately: yes!!! Heart
Unfortunately: we're on opposite ends of the world and not in a situation where we can just hop on a plane and be together  Dodgy

I have to share because it's too important to hide and I'd feel like a liar and cheat for doing so. Never that. A professional mistress wouldn't work, if i had that kind of money, because I wouldn't get over the fact it's a paid transaction. I don't have anything against it, or judgements about it, it just doesn't feel like something for me. If I was filthy rich that would change it a bit.

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