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Questions please read and respond
When I was much younger my mother used to dress me as a girl (age 11), so I was wondering if any body else here was dressed by mom?  Besides this question i have a few others listed below.
  Has any mothers here dressed their sons or nephews?
  Has any wife here dressed her husband and sons as girls?  The reason for this last question is because of what was on an old page where a wife did just this, she had her husband and both of her sons wearing dresses and other feminine garments
  Was anyone here dressed by their sister with mom';s permission?
  Was anyone dressed by their grandmother or an aunt?  Did the aunt also dress her sons as well.
  Were you ever made to play like a girl with dolls and things?
  Please answer these questions truthfully.
I was dressed by my aunt cousin . Other relatives and sitters . My ex wife dressed me as did some of my girlfriends . As a child i played with dolls an games with my cousin where i was the baby .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I was dressed by my aunt. She had two daughters, but was divorced from their father, and when they went to stay with him in the school holidays, I stayed with her, and she dressed me in their clothes the whole time I was there.
I was originally dressed by my mother and aunt, and played with dolls etc. with my cousin, Diane and two neighbor girls.
Mother was hoping to have a girl.  I was a disappointment.  She took some consolation, with the help of Aunt Margie, in encouraging me to occasionally play dress up in some of her old clothes.  They had a happy, laughing time feminizing a young male and watched with delight as I  learned to girlishly mince about in lipstick, lingerie, and heels.  Mother was never nicer to me -- never more affectionate and approving -- than when I was dressed and acting as a pretty girl.  And I never got over it.
My mother dressed me as a girl as a punishment when I was a child.

At first she'd put me into my sister's things (Lucy is two years younger than me), but when this punishment started to become more regular she bought me my own girls' clothes. I had dresses and skirts hanging up in my wardrobe alongside trousers and shirts. There were tights in my sock drawer, and knickers in my underwear drawer.

If I was especially naughty she would sometimes put me back into nappies and baby things, so I had those on a shelf in my wardrobe too.
My truthful answers to each question relevant to me is no. But how I wished! I had to fantasize about what I hoped would happen and never did.
Mother dressed me as a girl as punishment. This escalated to include other times too. Many times I found myself playing with two neighbor girls. It was a very relaxed periods. There was not any of the contention and roughhousing that accompanied boy's play. At those times I was all girl. I do miss those days.

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