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Humiliating panties
What are the most humiliating panties you've been made to wear?

When I was a kid my mother bought me a pack of those panties with days of the week on them, different colours for each day. I think Monday was pink, Tuesday was pale yellow, Wednesday was white, Thursday was red, Friday was baby blue, Saturday was peach and Sunday was pale green. And they all had little frills round the legs and a lacy bow on the waist. 

One of the punishments I suffered was having to wear them all, in order. I used to dread anyone finding out I was wearing those panties.
Ali, while my mother didn't have me wearing panties as a form of punishment or humiliation, I did still wear them quite a bit. Wearing them to school when it was 'that time of month' was probably the worst part, I hated to think about what might happen if any of the other kids found out I was wearing panties to school (not to mention what I was using underneath)!
Why did you have to wear panties if it wasn't for punishment?
I have my school girl in old fashioned school knickers with thick elastic at the waist and legs in maroon plus grey woollen knickers similarly elasticated which she has knitted herself as part of her needlework lessons. Two pairs has helped stop her feeble attempts at self-pleasuring.
(06-30-2016, 06:14 PM)Ali Wrote: Why did you have to wear panties if it wasn't for punishment?

Ali, my mother was teaching me what it was like to be a girl, it meant regular monthly 'cycles' which were enforced even if I was in school.
little pink cotton panties with white polkadots. They were tiny and I felt so embarassed in them!
My pink PVC panties are always such an embarrassment as they are transparent and you can see my rubber knickers and cock cage through them. They also make such a rustling noise when I walk and are humiliating to wear.
Always in strict uniform
Light blue and transparant bloomer pants. The light blue ones were see through too, so you could always see my diaper pants and diaper underneath. Still, there's nothing as humiliating as having to wear a very bulky, crinkly diaper during the day. Whether it's hidden under clothes or not, it's always noticable and audible...
growing up I wore simple cotton panties, printed with hearts, animals rainbows all very colorful. as I got older and was placed into chastity they became nylon polyester blend and quite sheer. I think the most humiliating one's were crotch less one's as they showed my caged clitty off.
A girlfriend during my twenties got her own back on me for an embarrassment I wouldn't let her forget, when she had a half slip fall around her ankles one day in town. So much later she dressed me as a school girl for a fancy dress party but she doctored the silky knickers I had to wear so they kept slipping down ! I would stand up and I could feel them heading south slowly but surely it was so embarrassing , it forced me to walk and stand with my hand on my hip (like I was posing ) to try and keep them up. She introduced me as Lucy Lastick to all at the party, then we had a dance and she took both my hands up to shoulder height as we danced and her revenge was complete , she wouldn't let me step out of them she just said in a loud voice "pull your knickers up Lucy" anyone who hadn't noticed knew about my embarrassment then. Happy days

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