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Female led society
Dear Ms Yvette-Louise , your right, I would not like to live in a 3 ed would or Mid Easr type setting as a feamle. Not in this world. A feminized male in the Mid East would most likly be exicuted if found out.
But in my setting, I'm happy. For many years my wife has kept me in lock , in a cb6000, I'm forced to wear female clothing when in the houes, and always panties over my cb6000 when out of the house in male outer clothes. My wife controles my sex, I'm cuckold, and she sets the times when she unlocks me and lets me masturbate before licking me back in. I help her prepare for her dates like a hand madian, I cook , clean ,and do chores in my wifes house and that of her mothers and sisters, I do everyones laundry also.
But I live well, goid food, humain treatment, except when I miss behave, the strap is used on my bare tushy. Cable Tv, computer with child guards on it so I can't go to naughty places. A nice car. I have it good. Would have no problem being a women in the here and now. In fact I live as a women in the here and now mostly, deffenitly not as a man.....tony

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