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Please Choose Which Panty I should go for ?
Dear's ,

Please choose which panties i should go for ?

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(08-29-2017, 05:35 PM)paulalove Wrote: Dear's ,

Please choose which panties i should go for ?

Granny panties,  I wear those when I am working around the house and don't necessarily feel sexy.  Great comfort and support.
Oh no not granny panties..

Misty Rose all the way.  Heart Heart Heart Heart
Have to agree with dlittle6, luv full cut nylon briefs, they float around me like a cloud.
First of all consider the supporting clause in ones contract - does it contain all the fruits of the loom in a compact package ?
Mustn't leave any dangling bits and particular pieces - bulges acceptable although tucking is preferred !
Are the panties in question going to hidden or visible ?
Hidden there is no fun or purpose in further discussion !
Visible - Viva-la-France - now that is something especially with lace leg holes and rows and rows of ruffled lacy detailing on the bum.
All preferably in blazing contrasting NEON colors - you are wearing these for SHOW & TELL aren't you ?
Now remember that the hem line of a skirt or dress must not conceal the hidden assets contained within.

Remember to leave some punishment room for diapers - misbehaving has its consequences !
Number 2
SissyDana very happily owned by Mistress Melissa
for over 20 years
Misty rose but only in silky stretch satin to support you tucking your sissy bits!!

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