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Moving the Relationship forward
While I have always had relationships with dominant females they have never gotten to the degree I want.

I have been married for about 17 years.

We worked at the same company and after a company party we met at a bar and she ended up spending the night at my place. She moved in about 2 days later without me bringing it up.

While I was at work she went through and cleaned my house, finding my porn stash and disposing of it (all normal porn as all I had access to). A few weeks later she told me that her mother didn't want her living with me unless we married so she scheduled our wedding.

She has continued to be dominant and embarrass me at times it hasn't move to where I want it.

I've decided to go ahead an wet my bed tonight and see how she reacts. I'm not sure yet if I'll tell her that I did or just hide it until she finds out.
(08-19-2017, 08:11 PM)mattbelle Wrote: While I have always had relationships with dominant females they have never gotten to the degree I want.

The above statement says it all. It is not what you want but what SHE wants. If it is a Female Led Relationship you desire you appear to already have one, all you have to do is obey and graciously accept that she knows what's best for you. Go with the flow as they say.
I agree with Maid is truly about service to Her and meeting Her needs. Are you at the point where you are doing most (if not all) of the household chores? Are you offering to lotion/massage Her feet each night before bed? Are you prepping and serving Her meals? These, and others, are certainly ways that you could "step it up" and "move the relationship forward" to demonstrate your desire to serve and honor Her if you're not already there!


sissy jamieanne
(08-21-2017, 01:47 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: In what way do you wish to take the relationship/forward?
Have you talked to her about what you want, and would like to do in the future?

What happens if she does not like the requests you make? (She may not like your proposals, remember this is a two way arrangement, and She needs to be comfortable with it as well. Again it is not all about you. Her wishes are more important than yours.)

Thank you for pointing this out, communication in a FLR is very important and sissies have to accept that whatever other couples may be involved in may not be what their Mistress desires. Unfortunately sites like this have many of us seeing that the grass is greener in someone else's relationship or by reading the stories, fictional or not,  we may desire to experience more even though we probably couldn't handle it even if our Mistress agreed to it. In short be careful what you wish for.

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