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Panties punishment
I never felt abused. I was always sure my mother loved me and had my best interests at heart, even when she was subjecting me to a humiliating punishment. I didn't really feel any more humiliated being put into panties and a skirt than I did having to wear a nappy again. They were both pretty terrible when I was younger, to be honest, until I started to enjoy them as I got older.
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My mom was transparent enough for me and everybody else to know she wished I had been born a girl.   I was never permitted to do boy things, like sports or boy type games.  

When it came to punishment, mom let me decide myself.   Either walk around in the house and yard with no pants on or wear a petticoat and dress.  After being displayed to younger children a few times, I soon discovered it was much better to opt for the dress.

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