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Sissy in a big nappy

Hi there!

As a newbie, I just thought I'd contribute something from my sissy baby time tonight. For the record, I'm wearing 4 disposables, 4 pullups, 2 pairs of pink plastic pants, 1 pair of pink plastic pants with yellow teddies on (just got these!), white pop-socks, pink mittens and bootees, gingham bonnet and pink baby dress. I love wearing multiple nappies, love the feeling of bulk between my legs making me waddle!

And in case you're wondering, they're not empty - for an easier clean up of my 'dirty' nappies, I added a tin of ready to use custard and a tin of rice pudding. It feels nice and icky without the smell of 'for real'. I have since made wetties as well a couple of times - well, you would, wouldn't you?

Hope somebody likes these - comments please...

Rosie xxx

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