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Starting boys off right
My belief is that all children should get the benefit of experiencing both worlds. I would therefore introduce a grading system (think of it like a baby graduating from nappies into pants or a child graduating school).

All children would start in dresses. For those who were potty trained and/or were well behaved would get to wear knickers; the rest would have to remain in nappies. After a number of years of this, they would undertake an exam / observational practical proving that they could handle a dress: skills such as  skipping rope, free skipping, ensuring knickers remain hidden, hopscotch etc would be demonstrated to show that necessary skills had been learned.

Stage 2 would be the skirt stage so they would still be subject to female clothing but of a slightly more mature level. Demonstration would have to be made that a child could do and maintain a face full of makeup, wear high heels, do a french plait, maintain a smooth and modest hemline etc. The benefit of this is that it would give the males a sense of what females have to go through and would benefit them in future relationships. Essentially they would be learning how to be teen girls.

Masculinity provides a lot freedom and a lot of confidence which shouldn’t just be thrust upon anyone; if a male or indeed a tomboy wanted to be able to wear trousers they would have to learn gentleness and docility.

Penalties would then work counter to this either at legal or school rule level so a misdemeanour by a trouser graduate would lead to them being put back into skirts, heels and makeup for a time period; a skirt graduate put back into a dress for a time period and I would suggest any dress student have their toilet privileges removed and put back into nappies for a time period.

You wouldn’t let an infant wear underwear before they have mastered their nappy so why let children bound around in brogues before experiencing the humility of flouncing around in frocks?

Whilst the presence and frequency of tomboys is encouraging we do not want the negative ones giving a bad name to the productive ones so if they can’t handle the responsibility they too should be back to mincing in heels, flouncing in frocks or even wetting and messing nappies until such time as they have learned the appropriate skills.
(12-24-2019, 10:06 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote:
(12-23-2019, 04:55 PM)Robin77 Wrote:
(12-16-2019, 10:48 AM)emborios Wrote: I agree boys need to be taught from an early age they are subservient to their female superiors and disciplined. Schools should be reformed for this purpose, to deal with all that toxic masculinity.

 A few FLS community schools already do that. 

 Grade school boys wear pleated skirts (sans panties), Mary Janes or pink 3" heels. Spankings, strappings, and canings help them become proper Sissies.  

FLS approved corporal punishment and abuse of Boys?? just because they are boys?? 
very odd. Blatant abuse of a human being because of their sex??

I was taught to serve women at a very young age, but with positive reinforcement and rewards.  This idea of beating and abusing boys is very mean and cruel.

"i wonder why moderators do condone the use of violence against young innocent boys who can't even defend themselves??
this only lends itself to more violent behavior once the boy is old enough to understand he is being abused, or years in a mental institiution

Feminization should be accomplished in more humane terms,  girls were not beaten and abused like this at schools just because they were girls??

FLR???  things that make you go HUUUUUMM
Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided
 Girls attend to their bathroom functions.

sadly crying for the abused tortured boys

yours in service

 High school boys are bottomless in strappies. Their genitals constantly monitored.


Love to hear more about these FLS schools. Do you have any more details about them or how to contact the women in charge?


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