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Supervised bathtimes
Do any mummies, nannies or governesses supervise bath time

Sissy in bath supervised so

Wash properly assisted so willy and bottom washed properly

No chance play with willy

Then dried off




Bed dummy 7pm

I don't think I would ever be allowed in the bathroom unsupervised, given my superior would certainly have me in chastity and most probably apply some form of strict diaper or potty discipline on me. All of my dominants so far have, in one way or the other.
We always supervise our school girl whilst she has her once a week cold shower.  Of course she is in her device so no self pleasuring is possible.  She has to wash her hair and body with carbolic soap and stay in the cold water for at least ten minutes.  This makes her much more appreciative of being able to get straight back into her woollen vest, knickers, wool nighties, bed cardigan and mittens.  We sent her to bed at 5:00 pm today so she was able to appreciate again her predicament whilst my sister and I were going to watch the football.  It is her time of the month as well so she is wearing a thick sanitary towel soaked in water and vinegar and covered with cold boiled cabbage under her knickers.  We have her do this 10 days a month again so she can understand her position as a naughty school girl.

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