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Accepted as an emasculated sissy
(09-26-2017, 04:49 PM)Sissycindylynn Wrote: I have had women who knew of or suspected my sissy nature treat me like one of the girls, behaving in front of me in ways they'd never be likely to do with a real man. Women have changed clothing in front of me, told their gf's go consider me one of the girls, as they did, even took me into the bathroom while continuing a conversation dropped pants and panties and tinkle, telling me these are not something they'd do with a man present , but with me being one of the girls, it was ok and seemed the natural thing to do.
Often, they will refer go me as she or her.
Women are both smart and intuitive, they can read a sissy and nowadays, feel more comfortable treating us as we should be treated.

QUOTE:  "Women are both smart and intuitive, they can read a sissy and nowadays, feel more comfortable treating us as we should be treated."

Also hope that They take pride Wink   in the future unmanning of more and more male girls, making it tomorrow's norm! Tongue
I'm in a simular situation. My wifes family , her Mom, sister and my brother in law know I'm not a man. They don't make fun of me for giving up my manhood. I have to help my wife get ready for her dates, shave her legs, help her dress, and make up . Pick out her langerie, or buy her sexy langerie to wear for her lover. . I have to go to the drug store and make sure she has fresh codoms in her pocketbook. I have to buy her flowers and put them on the table before she leaves . I'm locked in a cb6000 24/7 , and only am I unlocked when she comes home from a date satisfied. She will unlock me and let me jerk off as she tells me how hus big penis entered her and streched her. After I cum, I'm locked back in. If she doesn't get satisfied, she still telks me all about it, but I'm not unlocked.
In my case, my wife an here family, her Mom and Sister know I have needs. But love the idea that I'm sexually deprived of thoes needs. They like the fact I'm a cuck.
Delightful TonyF... very special relationship Smile
Tony F - I'd love to know what you do for her while she's off on her dates? Does she have you do a list of chores?
Are you dressed as a sissy? Does she have you sitting with her relatives while she is out ? Do you write her love letters while she's off on her dates?
How has she explained your place in your relationship with her and how did she train you to accept and wear your CB 6000? Thanks..
I know just what its like. My wife Gina has cuckold me, telling me that she needs a COCK and all I have is a pee pee. Her family knows, there is no secerate about it. They think she is a strong women and give her alcolades for it. I wear my mother in laws discarded panties over my cb6000. Wll untill recently anyway, the cb6000 is no longer neede, I have been chemicaly castrared, as a side effect for medication I take. So the chastity device is not needed.
Thanks for sharing. I wonder what it was like when she told her family of your chemical castration?
How do they talk to you about your condition and her dating?
When my ex dated her mother and sister told me things like, it's for the best, she deserves to be happy, don't you agree? She deserves to be happy and fulfilled (in other words, in ways you can't provide her) now doesn't she? We're so glad you understand and fully support her. Learn to be happy for her.

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