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Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon
(04-23-2019, 01:18 PM)heidi Wrote: We have trained him to do his makeup and behave for instance at all times not having to work he's required to be Jenna in dress and duties for the weekend. My gf put him on a keto diet and reduced his weight from 200 to 160 and his muscles are gone and looks like a skinny girl now, I haven't introduced corsets and a great idea thanks for mentioning Chris, we make sure Jenna is plugged at all times and have had other CD's over for them to have relations together in fact the only sex he has is gay sex so the progression to full time has been moving to what I have insisted from the beginning, to a 50's housewife. My strong nature is followed without question and since I control his housing, money and future that's what will be. I firmly believe that taking away his gender the only alternative was to be a housewife and its something as women become economically the dominant sex will be quite common in the future as what else are men really good for?

Hi Heidi!

    GREAT Job you are doing with are so Cute when Feminized by a STRONG Woman.  I LOVE the fact that you and your girlfriend are "Butch"...good to see men and boys in cute dresses and skirts while Women and Girls are in pants and being Dominant! 

     You mentioned that you let Jenna have other Crossdressers come over...was just wondering if those CDs are under the Firm Control of Strong Women, or just feminine on their own?

     Keep up the Great Work for Womankind!

Feminine men make the best spouses for independent women. Feminized  Male wives for Empowered women is the future!
My wife has used the humbler on me a few times. She has used it as a form of punishment when I didn't do the housework properly. It is also used as a not so subtle reminder of who is in charge as she has me wear it sometimes when I am washing the floor. It provides her with great entertainment as she relaxes while I am scrubbing the floor.
(07-09-2017, 04:18 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: My good friend who I mentioned in the other post. Recently introduce her sissy to the humbler. He does not like but like everything else has no choice accept obey. This is the humbler she purchased from Amazon. She kept him locked up like this for several days last week, poor thing was stuck on his knees the whole time.

Any one have experience or ready to take the plunge?


That does look very scary Miss Radical Feminist, Curtsy

I dont think i would like it at all but thats the point of something like this i suppose.

It does also look quite impractical for a sissies normal household chores

Although maybe its more for punishment & your amusement that all day & every day

A woman I was dating has a humbler and loves using it on me. Depending on how it's applied, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. She likes to have me on my knees while she uses a riding crop on my exposed balls and ass.
My mistress acquired an electro-compatible humbler some years ago, and it is just about the most exquisite torture device you can have (well, at least in my experience). She only uses it to accompany a good whipping or flogging, as mobility is so impaired.

The really evil bit is that on a variable automatic stimulation setting, the recovery periods between impacts are confused by the stimulations. And of course, if I flinch from a particularly sharp jolt from the box of tricks, Mistress can immediately give me one too to double the torment.

Just the symbolism of being bent over and having the device fitted (Mistress needs to give the balls a good stretch to ensure that there is no pinching of skin when the humbler is clamped shut) and the feeling of being locked in, unable to stand upright and awaiting one’s punishment, is wonderful enough. I really would recommend it for any sissy maid wishing to prove their devotion to their mistress.

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