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Hello. New here, first post.
Hello Everybody,

As per my thread title, this is my first posting at PDQ and i am honored to be here.  i have been exploring and cycling around my submissive and sissy nature for some time, but only recently (after turning 30), have come to terms that i am a sissy and should be proud of that.  Because of my variety of interests in sissy/feminine/service oriented things, i have built up a collection of lingerie, maid uniforms, sex toys, chastity, makeup, etc. that i would stash away and pull out for a quick wank.  However, for years, i have felt unfulfilled.  This year, one of my resolutions was to make a commitment to betting myself as a submissive.  To do so, i have been reading more online about good habits for a service oriented sub.  i have been abstaining from self pleasuring (with mixed success).  i have also committed myself to wearing feminine undergarments whenever possible.  Consequently, in a few months, i have noticed some positive results.  Notably, i feel much more demure, i don't fetishize my panties and lingerie any longer, and i have become a neater, more organized sissy in my home.  Of course, i have a ways to go before becoming an ideal sissy, and i have realized that becoming more 'out' as a sissy on social networks like this one is a good way to help in my self-training.

So, long story short.  Hello.  Thank you for having me.
Hello sissy_d. Welcome. We are honored to have you. How very wonderful to read: "...have come to terms that I am a sissy and should be proud of that." Indeed! Pride in being a sissy. Thank you for joining us.
Thank You for your kind words Lssy.  Attempting to be the best sissy possible has been a positive change for me.  Before i accepted that i am a sissy, and subsequently decided to take pride in that, i was despondent, unproductive, and wasted my time with frivolous endeavors.  i will admit, at times this has been a struggle to stay on the right path.  i am lucky to have found such a community that feels so accepting and encouraging.
Hi and welcome Sissy d. Glad to have you here, always nice to make new aquatintes. Glad you have come to terms with your sissyness. Now you can enjoy it, and share with people here. Have fun!
(07-16-2017, 05:07 PM)mellonman Wrote: Hell-O and welcome to the board.  I admire your honesty in your self-assessment but really you have to have a Mistress to become a sissymaid, and perhaps you may have noticed that is an exceedingly difficult task indeed.  
I wish you the best of luck sissy_d.

Thank You mellonman, after lurking for so long on this board, i already am flattered by the warmth you, and others, have shown.  Of course, you are correct in that having a Mistress (or Master...) is crucial towards being a fulfilled, content, and happy sissymaid.   The training that i have given myself has mostly been gleaned from years of lurking many sissymaid resources online.  It has only been this year that i have begun to put the pieces together, and through committed chastity, hypnosis, and routine, i have become more confident in my maidly aptitude.  

I cannot underscore how invaluable my chastity cage has been in assisting my development.  This comes with its own problems, as i am the key holder at the moment, but it has been rewarding as i have grown accustomed to wearing it and seeing it as a tool towards my sissymaid development.  Moments of weakness still strike me on occasion, and this is when meditation and self-hypnosis really kick in.  

Naturally, having someone to serve, improve my skills for, and monitor my progress would be a great boon.  In the meantime, i can only strive to the best sissymiad i can, introspectively, while i am without to serve.
Hiya sissy_d,

What a great intro...thank you for sharing so much about you with us!  I think it's delightful that you've discovered your true nature and self as both a sissy and a submissive...and at 30, you've come to the conclusion early.  You have a long life in front of you to live and be what you're destined to be...embrace and enjoy it!

You're on the right path in educating with anything in life, continuous education and growth are vital.  Never, ever stop learning.  Lately, I've been  reading some e-books by Miss Janice Parker.  She is a wife who discovered the joys of feminizing her husband and has written several book in the genre, both non-fiction and fiction.  The first I read from her is entitled "My husband is my maid"...I think it's a great read, and books like this only tend to reinforce my feelings of submission and my feminization.  

Here's a link to the book on Amazon...

I look forward to hearing more from you in future, sissy_d...again, thanks so much for sharing and joining us!


sissy jamieanne

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