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Locked and focussed
As part of my sissy rehabilitation, my toy is now back in a nice comfy chastity cage.

I did start with a CB6000S copy but pieces went missing so I decided on an upgrade.

As this was going to be worn 24/7 except for pubic cleaning, I looked as plastic ones and decided the Birdlocked Mini was the one.

I'm not sponsored by them just in case you thought, but it is really comfortable and easy to keep hygenic. 

After looking at the metal ones and noting they mostly have urethral tubes, I have a hole urethral plug in place too.

The additional stimulation is similar to being constantly edged but with no nasty erections.

When wearing panties, a panty pad such as a Tena is worn for both comfort and also hygenie. Soaks up the inevitable dripping as all toys do.

The more males that are placed in chastity, be it devices, belts, PA piercings and such, the less time would be wasted and the world safer.

If you would like a photo please ask.

Thank you.

Totally agree both that more males should be kept in chastity and also that erecting are nasty. I like a cock that is small and soft (including my own).
I was politely asked for a picture. 

So as a reply. 

I hope this meets approval. 

Smile Smile

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Cool pic. Thanx
Very nice! Certainly a sissy should have better things to occupy her time than playing with her little clitty. This pink device brings your sissiness right to the forefront and makes your clitty unaccessible...quite appropriate! Lovely photo.

sissy jamieanne
Thank you for the compliments.

It feels better locked away, truely liberation from toy stresses.

Chastity energizes my femininity and submissiveness also..lovely!
(07-06-2017, 02:36 PM)Michelle TV Wrote: Thank you for the compliments.

It feels better locked away, truely liberation from toy stresses.


I understand exactly what you mean about it being liberating! My girlfriend put me in chastity about three months ago so I could focus on college, work, and the chores she assigns me. Once I realized that the fastest way to earn release I became the best/most obedient boyfriend ever! I have all my chores and homework done early. I haven't even bothered looking at porn since! Truly a great feeling!
Would love to hear sentiment from Female Masters who have chosen this means of control of Their male girls... especially how doing such increased Their joy and/or amusement of the reality of Female supremacy in Their lives and possibly even as a statement for society in general.
I think you look adorable Michelle and I agreebeing locked is so liberating but frustrating at times xxxx.

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