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A Privilege to be feminized.
I have always felt that feminization is indeed a privilege as well as being an honour. I say honour because we have been selected and given an opportunity  to enter the female world and experience life on their side of the fence and much of what it has to offer both good and bad. It doesn't get any better than this, to me it means feminized males are not tarred with the same brush as abusive and pig headed males who have no respect for women.
I do indeed feel that being feminized and sissified is a privilege. I don't just get to wear my frillies, I must earn them each day by being obedient, doing the chores, through submission...I've read of Superior's taking their sissies panties away for poor behavior, and I'd be horrified to have to wear men's undies...Yes, I feel very privileged!
I found being feminized quite enjoyable as did my neighborhood girl I knew.  The girl liked to see boys in dresses primarily as opposed to skirts.  Mom started dressing me as a girl at age 11.  I had a closet full of dresses and a dresser full of proper underthings.  Maybe thats why even today I have very few male clothing articles.  Mom even had me go outside in my dresses and play with girls in the neighborhood.  I even had a few of my boyish male friends also ask if they too could wear a dress when visiting me.  So it was a privelege and an honor to be able to express both sides of my natural being.

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