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Humiliating nappy change
(02-26-2021, 07:42 PM)mikki Wrote:
(02-25-2021, 08:15 AM)Ali Wrote: I wonder if when the lockdown restrictions start to end we’ll see an increase in the number of boys being put into nappies for long toad trips with their mothers.

I can imagine that some people will still be nervous about their sons going into men’s toilets on their own, if their father isn’t around, and decide it’s easier just to pop them onto a nappy for the journey.

I would imagine that's something that's already going on.  A lot of mothers have resorted to Pampers for their teen boys during the COVID quarantine, as a means to keep them at home and out of public restrooms, as well.  I know of a few.  Pampers seems to be the diaper of choice; their stretchy side panels let them fit older boys quite handily.  

In addition, Pampers are very effective at damping or squelching that insufferable teen insolent attitude that mothers just "love."  Mothers notice that immediately, and much appreciate the change, so their sons end up getting prolonged exposure to Pampers.  

That is very good news. If more moms are diapering their kids because of corona and they notice how much it improves the boys behavior, it might become more permanent.
(07-20-2017, 06:30 PM)Ali Wrote: That must have been really tough for you. Did your school friends know you'd been made to wear diapers again?

Have you ever had your nappy changed in the back of a car? It's excruciatingly humiliating. People can't help but notice, but they try to look and look away. But you know they've seen you.

I get changed in the car a lot. Cloth diapers with snap on plastic baby panties usually. If my outer clothing gets wet and dry clothes aren't available, I have to ride home with my diapers and plastic baby panties on display. Sad
Crinkle, Crinkle   
When I was about ten years old in the 1960s, I went into hospital to have an operation, can’t remember what for maybe tonsils or something, on the morning of my op the nurse took me to the bathroom and asked me to bathe and put the white hospital gown on then go and lie on my bed.
A while later I was lying on my bed when the nurse came back drawing the curtains round my bed, she then hitched up my gown up to my shoulders and then put me into what I could only describe as a white cotton girls bikini pants I just lay there blushing crimson with a little stiffy as she slipped it under my bare bottom and tied the bows at the side.

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