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What Sex Role-Reversal Media has had IMPACT in your life?
(07-01-2017, 03:30 AM)whyguys Wrote:
(06-30-2017, 01:30 PM)Maid Jennifer Wrote: I remember as a youngster delving into a hidden box of Playboy magazines in the garage of a school friend's house. Obviously this friend's mother wouldn't allow them in the house or maybe she didn't even know they existed but at any rate lots of school friends would secretly gather to view them. While most of the boys were obsessed with the naked photos I was fascinated by the models in pretty and colourful lingerie and I liked that they left something to the imagination. At the back pages of the magazine was the ever present ad for lingerie from Fredricks of Hollywood that also listed high heels for sale and there was a note at the bottom of the ad that stated if ordering for males they should give their male shoe size. Why on earth would a man wear high heels? Who knew that many years later I'd find out but I am sure this was where it began.

Thank you Jennifer... these are exactly the early experiences i meant.  Ones, especially in youth that left our male minds confused, unsettled and perhaps even frightened and ashamed and yet somewhere deep down hoping we'd experience it again.

As i mentioned with the movie 'TURNABOUT' - the end scene where after the Wife and Husband were returned to their "OWN" bodies they were still in each other's clothes, i felt devestated... thinking what would i do wearing a negligee.

WORSE - the Genie that had reversed them originally whispered somethingto the Wife and SHE BURST OUT LAUGHING!   Seems although they had their bodies back -THE HUSBAND's WAS PREGNANT, and She found it hilarious.    Thinking about such sex-role reversal scared the bejeebers out of me.  (Yet when the movie came on after that.... i still tried to see it over and over again!)

Those early experiences were also very personal and not something you discussed with friends, you could not let them know that such things caught your interest because you knew you'd be bullied for being curious about feminine things. As I think back to those early times in that garage it is also noteworthy to mention that none of the other boys to my knowledge ever noticed those Fredricks of Hollywood ads offering high heels to men. They were focused entirely on images of naked women and not much more while I was intrigued with the things they got to wear, no doubt I subconsciously knew there was something special about being a girl.
Another example of Sex Role-Reversal media that struck me deeply in my formative years:

As a child - let's guess perhaps 6-8 years old -  i  was home sick from school and resting on a couch at home with early morning television on.  It was a talk/discussion program MC'd by Arlene Francis (some, not many of you, may remember Her as one of the original panel members of the old "WHAT's MY LINE" show back then in the 1950's).  She daily had a topic for 3-4 other Women on goings on in the world.

That day's topic was on the changes of sex roles in marriage.  This young viewer lay there in bug-eyed and bug-eared shock and shame as the Women joked about how males were losing power that Females were now assuming. 

I WAS A BOY... and i was being told all the right to be the 'stronger sex' might not be there by the time i grew up.  Realize many of you might think my emotions were hyperbole, but H-E-double hockey stick,  Females were always supposed to be just pretty little things that made our dinners!   You mean i might grow up in a world and even end up keeping house for one of THEM?!?

I sat for that hour show for what felt an eternity watching transfixed in terror at the possible demise of my sex.... and me along with it!  Then when it seemed an escape was possible as the show closed, Arlene (i think) asked something about what did the Women think the future might eventually bring.  Each closed with barbs and smirks about demise of certain aspects of male power. i squirmed... at least the program would soon be over...

THEN the final Female to remark ended the show with something along the line:

"Hmmmm... perhaps by then We Women will be telling males what WE LIKE seeing them wear as they do their daily household chores... You know - pretty little skirts or dresses, and stockings and heels as they go about cooking, cleaning, dusting and other TYPICAL MEN's WORK...

I do not believe i was hungry that day or that i slept well that evening.... although an occasional feeling of wanting to see that show again would not leave my mind's deeper imagination and the remembrance (however inaccurate) still remains to this day
Wonder if any of you ever encountered this FEMALE SUPREMACIST scenario on television that had infinite impact on my early pre-teen views of Female -male role reversal?  Sadly, my recall of what i saw is at best only very sketchy, and although over the years i tried to find some reference to the experience.... i never did.

As a very young viewer, there was some variety show on in the 1950's that started out with a night time street scene of a young unsophisticated country girl visiting a big city for the first time.   She comes across an almost mobster-like dressed man smoking a cigarette standing with one leg bent up behind leaning against a lamppost. 

He's Masculine and Cool and COMMANDING... she is shy, inexperienced and awed.

They begin an adagio, apache dance where the male powerfully male takes the girl under his control, tossing her around at his will, impressing her with his sheer manly charisma.  (in the background there has been constant narration to this end)

It goes on and on with the young girl growing more and more under the male's spell and force.   She is constantly thrown around even at times to the ground.  A cycle he repeats using her as little more than an object or even a rag doll.  Oft she in fascination even crawls to him and the process is repeated again and again.

At last he picks her off the ground at his feet and he takes each of her hands in the opposite of his and they begin spinning in a circle facing one another.

THEN the narrator says something strange begins to occur.   As they swirl in circular dance their feelings, minds and natures become dizzy, confused, even merging and mixing - and as they release each other's hands - REVERSE!  The male tumbles to the ground a short distance from the Female who is now standing in the crook-legged position against the lamp-post. 

SHE bends over picks up his suit jacket (which he evidently lost after tumbling in the dance) which lies before her, and from a pack of cigarettes in one pocket takes one lighting it.  


The male totally disheveled then timidly crawls the yard or so to sit almost girlishly at HER feet, placing his head on Her thigh and stares UP at HER with a face of undeniably feminine enchantment and girlish awe....


Oh how i've attempted to trace this lost gem of early television to see it once more  to no avail.... ANYONE KNOW ITS ORIGIN?


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