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Help Selecting a Professional Mistress
Back in the 1990s, BDSM folks in the San Francisco Bay Area published an excellent magazine called the SandMutopia Guradian (S and M Utopia). One issue included a humorous, very well written article with advice for contacting and selecting a professional Mistress. If you choose to go that way (I have, and the article helped my search.)

I copied the article and it's available for download. Have fun! Tell us about it.

If anyone has contact information about who owns the copyright for the SandMutopia Guradian or the  real name of the author, Uncle Wiggly, please let me know. My efforts have failed.
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micheleFFS  Cool
I've used a few professional Mistresses in the past. Sometimes they're good, but in my experience often they're not.

Nanny Betty in North London was excellent. She really understood what it was all about. She got just the right balance of listening to what you wanted, but also using her imagination too. When she put me across her lap for a spanking I really felt like I'd let her down and deserved my punishment. And when I set my nappy and she checked and noticed I felt genuinely ashamed at doing so.

But others have just dressed me and then left me to play, only returning to check on me occasionally. And then with no imagination to enhance the experience.

It's expensive going to a professional. I enjoyed it for a while, especially at Nanny Betty's place, but in my experience it's better to find a friend who enjoys the same kind of role plays you do.

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