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Imagination my only limit? - I'd be dead in a week...making your own...
My wife was wonderful at re-purposing old clothes.  She also had a devious mind!

I have the most wonderful panties that she made me, usually from women's clothes that were no longer wanted any more.

A pair of old pyjama pants were cut down into a pair of "balloon leg" bloomers - But the left-over material was made into a button-up flap at the back of them!  Not content with just drop-flap bloomers, she sewed some elastic fairly tightly from the top to the bottom of the opening of the flap.  She then sewed some very frilly lace along the elastic, so that no matter what you do, the moment you pull them up, you have a frilly wedgie that you cannot escape!  It is a constant reminder that you are in female underwear...

Another pair of open-crotch white linen bloomers from France (and around one hundred years old), were split at the sides and elastic fitted so that they could fit me.  Linen is so much more comfortable than you would think.  Quite incredible to put them on and think that they have not been worn for a hundred years before me!  Everything was boil wash back then, so they and their 100-year-old French lace go through the washing machine with no problems at all.

Another pair were modern (but worn), but too small for me.  So they were split up the sides and lace inserted to make them wide enough to fit me.  They have the most wonderful lace around the bottom of the legs and baby blue ribbon through the lace to adjust their width, until it is just right.

Another pair are also white bloomers, but she sewed layers of lace across the seat of them, to make like luxury rhumba panties.  These did not quite go to plan though!  She forgot to change the setting of the ruffler attachment, and so it put in a ruffle every time the needle came down she said, instead of every 5th one I think it was supposed to be?  The result is that there is something like 100 FEET of lace on the seat!  They weigh about 6lbs and look like I'm wearing a bustle when I put them on!  They feel like you are wearing a full diaper when you walk in them, but when you sit down, it is like sitting on a cloud!  So incredibly soft and padded, they are wonderful for comforting a very sore bottom!

Another pair are also white bloomers, but an old lace underskirt was used to put two layers of massive "ruffles" across the seat.  They look fairly normal frilly bloomers, until you life the ruffles up, to see there are two holes in the seat - One for each cheek to poke through!  Not only that, but the holes themselves are elasticated and edges in more lace.  It feels so strange and wonderful to be walking around in cotton panties, and VERY aware of your cheeks poking out of them and constantly being brushed by so much lace!  These are definitely the pre-spanking ones!

Another pair are made out of heavy quilted fabric.  They have lots of straps to tighten them up, so that you are very restrained in them.  They feel a bit like wearing armour!  That would not be enough though...would it?!  In the seat of them, there is an opening - Like a buttonhole, but about 3 inches long.  So while you are trapped in the very tight quilted panties and cannot escape, your anus can be chastised with fingers, thermometers, enemas, dildos, butt plugs, ginger, or whatever...and nothing you can do about it!

What would be your fantasy pair then??

How very creative and delightful patty! I think I'd love to wear the super luxurious rhumba could one not feel delightfully sissified in such a creation!?!?! I also like the idea of heavy quilted panties...very suitable for discipline and correction of the sissy! Delightful!

sissy jamieanne
(05-18-2017, 09:41 AM)sissyjamieanne Wrote: How very creative and delightful patty!  I think I'd love to wear the super luxurious rhumba could one not feel delightfully sissified in such a creation!?!?!  I also like the idea of heavy quilted panties...very suitable for discipline and correction of the sissy!  Delightful!

sissy jamieanne

Thank you, sissyjamieanne!  That is very kind of you.  I treasure them all and there seems to be a pair there somewhere in the closet for whatever mood I am in.  I am now teaching myself to sew, so I can make things like these, if only I can have the ideas in the first place!

I'm afraid I'm quite old-fashioned and I do seem to like the frilly lace seats to them...Have you ever tried wearing them inside-out, with the lace next to you?  Quite a different and special feeling...

For decoration, I saw a pair of panties once that has heavily influenced me ever since I saw them.  It is just two lines of two-sided lace (lace that is lacy on both edges) and it is sewn on the front.  One either side from the waistband to the leg opening.  It forms the top part of a "V" shape, and if you follow the top "arms" of the "V" in lace, it leads the eye down to the imaginary point - Which would be the clitoris...


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