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Sissy rebellion
(05-19-2017, 05:50 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Thanks for sharing more about how you came to be feminized. I kept hoping to find a way myself to be turned into someone's favorite little girl. I worked very hard at learning how to act like a boy, but deep down I knew I had come wired all pink inside, and being transitioned into girlhood was something I very much craved.

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

Oddly enough, it was something that I NEVER craved until the women kept reinforcing it and making me dress.  Surprisingly, I fought it for a month or so and finally gave in to my fate.  Wearing panties and dresses became the norm for me and the females in the neighborhood accepted me as one of them.   You ladies have been driving me crazy trying to remember all the details, but sadly, not a lot comes back other than some feelings and flashes of things from the early days.  I can remember the neighbor lady, Anna and her two daughters - one a year older and one a year younger having me over to play,  They lived next door and in between my aunt and our house.  Anyway, I was no longer allowed to play with boys and when home just always wore a dress etc.  I had what we used to call a "GI trim" that was closely cut and we also called it a "crew cut" which I grew out into long shoulder length hair.  Once that happened, I always had a ribbon in it to match my dress. 

I can recall once going with Anna and daughters shoe shopping and trying on shoes.  It was awkward as the girls laughed at the way I sat and had to teach me the right way because the shoe salesman was male.  Also, I never ever wore girls' clothing to school and once my hair got long, it was left long since this was the sixties and long hair on guys wasn't unusual.  Once home, it was femme time.  My Dad and uncle never said anything about the new "little girl" since both were very much under the women's control although they did not dress.  Everyone called me "Marcia" because that was the name mom had picked for me when she thought I was going to be born a girl.  Otherwise I was called "Sis" or "Sissie" denoting Sister versus anything being "Sissy" as we know it today.   Enough for now.
Thanks so much for sharing your story dlittle! I found it charming and smile-worthy! You were fortunate to be raised by women who understood the advantages of petticoating, and it seems you've carried that training into adulthood. When I see "macho" type men the displays of masculinity they work so hard to portray, I'm very happy I don't have to go through those efforts...quite happy as the sissy I am!

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