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Longest time in nappies
When my mother was punishing me humiliation was always a big part of it. It wasn’t enough that she’d dress me as a girl - she dressed me as a girl a bit younger than my little sister (so my dress would be shorter, my knickers frillier etc). It wasn’t enough that she put me back into nappies and baby panties, they had to be on display under a baby dress or with just a t-shirt or onesie.

And when my things needed washing, whether it was knickers, tights, nappies or baby panties, they went out on the line to dry. As if it were the most normal thing in the world for a boy of my age to wear such things.
I bet there was many an occasion you silently prayed for rain.  Wink
Oh yes! Summer was always the worst.

At least in winter my things would just be spread out around the house to dry.
(02-05-2021, 11:25 PM)Ali wrote Wrote: Oh yes! Summer was always the worst.

At least in winter my things would just be spread out around the house to dry.

Oh gosh in winter visitors got a closer look at your things around the house. 

Sometimes there’s strong winds in summer, did anything blow into a neighbours and you were sent to fetch it?
What an interesting thought, afp. Instead of ‘can I go get my ball back’ it might have been ‘ an I just retrieve my used nappy from your back garden’.  Big Grin
Gosh, that would have been mortifying. I don’t remember that ever happening.

Although the neighbours knew about what I was made to wear, of course, because they saw me in the garden, or if they came round. And they could see our washing line.
If you have been in nappies and using them long term . You find that you wet without thinking about it as you are wearing your nappy . The main problem is that when out of nappies you forget you are not wearing a nappy and wet your panties .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I haven't actually experienced that... even though my longest time in nappies is euh.. very long Blush My ex-gf was very strict about them and my toilet discipline. After we broke up and an older dominant friend of mine noticed I was a bit lost and rapidly unlearning all my good, disciplined behaviour he continued parts of the training. He's not my official dominant or anything like that, but he also knows my immature and submissive side very well. So he does check up on me from time to time to make sure that I'm wearing my diapers at night and keeping up the good behaviour. He thinks I should be diapered all the time, actually  Dodgy but because of time and distance it's not something he can enforce.  Big Grin
I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to making up for it when at some point in the future time and distance is much reduced though  Wink
Blush For sure. The relationship is more like a normal friendship now, but under his guidance I first found out and learned to accept my immature side. So even though we're just friends, he still often treats me that way. He said he would keep an eye on me until I find someone to take full control again. It was super humiliating when he did that, my ex was pretty strict and I was really enjoying the freedom... I didn't want to be called out on my submissiveness so I actually got a bit angry and frustrated first. It felt weird because we're not in 'that kind of relationship', but now I'm kind of glad there's at least a bit of discipline.

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