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Longest time in nappies
(09-10-2016, 08:12 AM)Ali4 Wrote:
(09-01-2016, 02:24 PM)diaperedByDesign Wrote: I have been wearing every night for a while, but lately my Girlfriend wants me to wear them during the day as well. She doesn't trust me to stay dry with the toilet breaks she grants me but also does it because she thinks I'm much better behaved when I'm diapered. She's right of course...I still don't quite understand how that works though... why such a simple thing can have such an enormous effect on how I feel and behave.
Does your girlfriend change your nappy for you? Does she make you wear anything over your nappy, like plastic baby pants?

If she's doing it to subdue your bad behaviour she may well find that a pair of frilly baby knickers over your nappy work wonders.

No, but that's because she lives in another country. We are working on getting together though. Once we are I'm no longer allowed to change myself and she'll take full control of my diapers and clothing. 

I always have to wear plastic pants over my diapers, and whenever I can't wear a diaper. She also makes me wear plastic clothes. I generally sleep in plastic panties and plastic tanktop, but if I misbehave she adds items that cover me up way more. I don't like it because it's so humiliating to have to wear transparent plastic I tend to do my best to avoid it. 

Even with this distance between us she has managed to bring me under really firm control already. That'll only increase as we get together.
That sounds wonderfully humiliating!

Clear plastic is so babyish, and yet so uncomfortably hot and sticky. I don't wear plastic clothing other than baby knickers, but I love having them on.
It is *blush. I've been introduced to this special form of discipline quite a while ago and it still gets me everytime.

Not all my clothes are transparent, but being able to see right through them doubles the humiliation. You feel covered but at the same time really naked, it also makes any accidents impossible to hide.

It also really sets you apart as a diaperboy from any adults in the room. Apparently you can't be trusted to not make a mess even with a diaper on :-( I'm much more used to my diapers than to my plastics.
What's so clever about this punishment is that it shows that your feelings and modesty are of no consequence whatsoever. You've been put back into a nappy, and everyone can clearly see that you have. Under shorts or even a dress you can hide a nappy, but not when you've been made to wear only clear plastic.
Now I wear nappies by choice and have done for a lot of years I am now 54 years old, but the longest time that I spent in them was about three months or four months at around age 9years, this was due to a change of circumstance my mother met a younger guy and dragged us away from a good dad and stable home to live with her new found younger man in a run down rental property, I hated him and because I refused to accept him or our new situation he hated me, as a result of all of this I started to wet the bed, and he took a sadistic delight in convincing my mother that I should be back in nappies, I fought like a banshee the first time they tried to get them on me but a kid against two adults, well, I eventually had to give in and so it was for the next few months I was put into them every night with no exceptions and had to stay in them until one of them was up to take them off again in the morning, at the time I hated them both my mother and him, and the nappies, but this I now realise, was the trigger for my life long nappy fetish .. I must add that the reason it all stopped was due to an unannounced early morning visit by one of my mums sisters (My aunty) who saw what was going on, there followed a massive argument between her and my mother, the result being that the nappies stopped my bedwetting being addressed by the use of a rubber under sheet and a lot of shouting slapping and humiliation every morning before school .. So all in all a good few months of constant forced nappy wearing ..!
That's such a sad story.

My mother put me into nappies, and other baby clothes, but it was never done out of hatred or nastiness. She just believed it was a good way of enforcing discipline.
Up to the age of 17 and i say 17 as on my  bday potty training started again.

Now that I am with my Mistress/Momma I am nappied most of the time.  The times I am not nappied I am in panties with a maxi pad to catch dribbles.  I am also kept in chastity
My mummy wants to have me in chastity and also wants to train me with but plugs so she can reverse role with me, taking my vaginity. I'm scared and excited.
(08-26-2016, 09:51 PM)Ali Wrote: When I was put back into nappies as a teenager the rules were that if I was in nappies I was in nappies. It didn't matter who saw me either wearing them or having them changed.

It was terribly humiliating.

They always know if you have wet or messed . Not just from the smell but by the way you walk or move . I always found the nappy checks to see if i was wet to be for the other person watchings benefit .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Nappy checks were so humiliating, weren't they? Having stand there and hold up your skirt, or have your shorts pulled down, while you're mother or auntie pokes two fingers under the elastic of your baby knickers and feels around your bottom to see if you've wet your nappy yet. And any other ladies watching smiling as if it's the most natural thing in the world for a teenage boy to still be in nappies.

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