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What I grew up in...
[Image: e1875f920699a2384d779ff0d82c4020.jpg][Image: Vintage-Gerber-Vinyl-Pants-Toddler-Rubber-pants.jpg]
I remember having my mother buy these at the store when I was a child, for occasional daytime use as well as nightly diapering because of bedwetting.
How old were you, when she was still able to fit you in Pampers? Did she use the plastic pants over Pampers, or over your underwear?

I remember, going to buy Pampers for myself. When I was older, and they were still flat rectangles. I would sew four Pampers together, and have one large enough to wear. It worked well enough for me, and felt great!
I think I was eight or nine when she stopped using these on me (I was smaller as a young child). Sh used the plastic pants directly over the Pampers diapers. I was rather glad when I went back into diapers at 16 that they were fitted and didn't need plastic pants over the top.
I see, thanks.  The evolution of Pampers to fitted was a good thing, I guess. But, it was the end of using them in the fashion I mentioned. Once they stopped making them rectangular.

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