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Waves hello
Hello, and waves to all the fine peoples here! Seems like a nice place to be, if my frilly baby panties are going to show. 
I am a married, strait male, early 50's AB/DL, sissy. I've been a diaper lover since the beginning. Growing up in the 60's, my first love is cloth, but disposables are fine too. I met my wife on line, at a fetish site, so she knew from the start, I liked diapers, and sissyness. We enjoy this together, and she is very interested in diapers herself.
Not really sure why I have always liked diapers, but I have. I did wet the bed till I was 6, but I did not wear diapers for it. I knew I liked diapers and plastic panties, even before my bedwetting, so while that had an effect, it was not the starting point. 
I love sissy girly things, and being dressed as a little toddler girl. I love frilly plastic baby panties, and I love to have them on display under a cute dress, or skirt. It's so humiliating, but so good! I guess I like the idea of being a boy, but being forced to dress like a sissy frilly girl. 
I don't know why I enjoy the sissy thing either. I know, when I was very young, my older sister would get me to wear dresses. Once, when I was about 4 she got me to wear one, and show my mom. It's a pretty vivid memory, and while my mom laughed over it, she told me and my sister to take the dress off. It was a funny situation, but I think frowned on. 
I remember when I was young, I use to like to see how cute the little girls were always dressed. Frilly pastel dresses, petty slips, ribbons, frilly tights, frilly panties, and frilly socks. Girls clothes got attention, boys clothes, not so much. 
I never did any sissy dressing up, barring what my sister got me to wear, till much later in life. As I said, I am a DL, and diapers were my main goal. But, I started to think how much better my diapers would look, if I had some frilly items to go with them. So, kinda fast forward to now, and I'm a frilly loving, diaper wearing, adult baby sissy. 
Well, now maybe you might know something's about me. And if you have a question, let me know. 
I'm sure I will like it here, and look forward to meeting others here. NOW STOP STARING AT MY FRILLY, DIAPERED BUTT! LOL.  No, it's OK, just kidding.
Hello FrillyBilly. Welcome. So glad to have you join us.
Hey Billy!  Thanks for the great introduction!  I think you'll find you have lots in common with many of us here...looking forward to hearing more from/about you.

You mentioned that you don't know why you enjoy diapers or the sissy thing...I suspect for many of us, we're just "programmed that way"...

sissy jamieanne
Thanks for the welcomings. And Sissy Jamieanne, you are right I guess. Just that some, can point to a particular time and place. Like, a bed wetter who was put back in diapers, and grew to like them. But, long ago, I gave up wondering why, I just enjoy!
Hiya Frilly Billy, and welcome!

And how nice that your wife enjoys your lifestyle too. Does she wear diapers too? Do you have an nice sissy wardrobe?
(04-20-2017, 12:54 PM)Ali Wrote: Hiya Frilly Billy, and welcome!

And how nice that your wife enjoys your lifestyle too. Does she wear diapers too? Do you have an nice sissy wardrobe?

Thanks for the welcome Ali. Yes, my wife does wear them. She has lately, a growing interest in wearing them herself more. And I do have quite a large wardrobe, of very sissy items. Some little boy stuff too, can't always be dressed girly. How you going to appreciate the sissy things, if you always wear them. Lots of diapers, plastic pants, and lots of frilly baby pants!!!

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