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Feminizing Male Behavior day to day, night by night.
[Image: tumblr_m131s6E6ZZ1qi2mnzo1_1280.jpeg]One thing I did that really impacted my sweetie was to have him experience a period.  After on particularly condescending remark and rolling of the eyes when I bemoaned the symptoms of my period I decided to have him share my cycle.   As I was at the end of my current period I told him he was to share my next one if he thought it so easy........
I spent the month preparing him.  Had him research all about pads and tampons and symptoms and what is actually happening in the female body.  Even had him write a report on it and present it to me.  Then I had him choose HIS brands of tampons and pads and of course buy them in preparation for the time of his first period........
I took him shopping in sissy boi mode with obvious bra n panty lines.......  a hint of rouge lip gloss and perfume..  then he was to as a clerk where each of the items were.  I acted as just another shopper in the store.

Once he had tampons and pads and midol and FDS and douche.  I took my keys and defaced the bar code on the tampons.  It worked beautifully as the cashier did the classic over the loudspeaker pricing request on Sport tampons 12 pack regular.  I was nearly laughing out loud and you should have seen how red he was....  The clerk I am certain new what was going on as she put all his purchases in a CLEAR bag to carry out.  Oh and yes I made him pay with the credit card that was in his name........ 
I will be happy to tell you all about his week if you sissies are interested.........

[Image: sissy+tampons.jpg]

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