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The Question
For those who haven't read it, forum member Richardto's story The Question is featured in the April PDQ issue just published today. There it's called My Petticoating Experiences Part One.

All of The Question is under Female Dominant Fiction here at the PDQ Forum, which doesn't seem to garner much attention.  For ease of reference, here's a quick link:

This is an extremely well written and thoughtful reflection on a boy's real life experience living for a while as a girl while a teenager but ultimately choosing boy.

I also chose boy, but I still dream girl!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Thanks Kimmi for the great link.  I read Richardto's true story and felt inspired by it.  I posted a followup comment at: Maleness, Femaleness, and "Isness" .  

Wink Blind in one eye.  (Hope I got the right avatar here.)
It was a wonderful read Kimmi and you know my choice x

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