Poll: Which punishment would be most himiliating?
Sissy baby girl
Spanked little girl
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Punished by Auntie
You're being punished by your Auntie. Which would be worse - forced to be her little sissy maid for the weekend? Or having her put you back into nappies and baby clothes and her making you her little baby girl? Or If she dressed you as a little girl and then put you across her knee for a spanking on your frilly knickers?

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Second one for me, although I'm sure I'd be getting what's in the third one later.
I think being a maid would be worse, having to do lots of chores etc., but wearing a nappy would be more humiliating.
Heart A secret sissy from the UK. Heart
The maid has frilly panties on, Sissy Charlie. And with his dress being so short everyone's bound to see them when he bends over or stretches up. Or when he inevitably gets a spanking.

So they'd be pretty humiliating too.
Images 2 & 3 would be humiliating, but I would gladly be the maid as depicted in the first image. I would relish the opportunity to serve her. I'm sure after a spanking or two, I would be most proficient at my maid duties. Love the outfit too - very exciting "punishment "!!
I identify with the second image . Though never punished by being put into nappies . There is a picture of me somewhere all dressed up in my best dress and nappies having a major sulk as i had been given boys socks as a present .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
The first image is pretty close to home for me, been there done that and continue to do so although I have never been forced. I do it because I enjoy it but also because it's the least I can do to show my appreciation for what my Wife has brought into our relationship. But the thought of being presented as a sissy maid to another woman by my Wife is an exciting idea.
Perhaps you should suggest that your wife loan you out as a maid to some of her friends, Jennifer!

Or perhaps it might be an easier intro to have her invite a close friend round while you're doing your maid duties in your own home?
I had an Aunt I would stay overnight and Mom would tell her to spank me if I misbehaved . she giggled and said no problem she had a paddle and knew how to probably warm a boys bottom.My girl cousin 4 years old grinned and said she hoped she would be around to witness it if I needed a spanking
Did your Aunt put you into a pair of your cousin's knickers for your spanking, Ralphie?

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