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Final Stage of Petticoating?
(03-25-2017, 11:36 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Over the years, I have become friends with some wicket mistresses. They share a lot of same beliefs as me that all males should be feminized. They are farest thing from your typical porno mistresses and a 100 times more vicious. They love slutty out sissies who come to them for training. They always fine the perfect studs who enjoy taking sissies. Over the years they actually converted a few of these studs into helpless sissies too. They told me the look on the studs face when he realize whats happen is priceless and they always try to convinced them to stop. No luck, once their minds made up not even the macho stud will survive. Its a one way street into sissyhood for any male who cross them.
So, perhaps I should look for some of the same signs of the guilt and repression that I used to feel before I acknowledged my own nature, while servicing these men?  And encourage them to explore and express their own femininity?  It would be lovely to think that by becoming a vessel for a "real man's" cock I am doing my bit toward bringing about our ideal, the true female-led society.
Well first of all I have to say that if RF is correct that masculine studs who like to take sisses end up sissies themselves I have to believe they were bi-curious in the first place but needed a woman to encourage them to be taken by yet another stud. Complicated? You bet!

This reminds me of an interview I saw many years ago with a pro Dominatrix and I wish I could remember what the program was called. She described some of the things that her clients requested and the interviewer said there was no way he could do these things. She replied saying, "You have no way of knowing what you would like until I introduce you to it". Those of us who have been encouraged by our wives or other females can certainly relate to that statement.
I think like so many others, when I first started to explore my feminine nature, it was all about the clothes, and the desire to look & feel like a girl. I was naturally both mesmerized and intimidated by beautiful statuesque women around me. As began to mature, and sexuality began to play a more prominent role, I naturally pursued older dominant women because I was fundamentally so submissive. I didn't think of myself as different at the time, it's just who I was. Looking back now I see the signs that screamed that I was a submissive sissy from the start. I wanted to be a woman, but clearly wasn't, and I was clearly different from the alpha males I encountered. Once more, I was fascinated by their magnificent cocks.
So, to the question at hand, since I fully submit to women first, when directed to orally service an alpha cock, I do so enthusiastically. I am submissive to women first, and alpha's next. I think if we are honest, while it may be just a fantasy, when many of us dress and explore our femininity in private, our goal is to look as sexy as possible. Certainly in my case, these activities often lead to thoughts of submitting to men with deliciously large cocks.
Short answer, YES!
Sissy Pamela hits the nail on the head:  "I was clearly different from the alpha males I encountered. Once more, I was fascinated by their magnificent cocks."  I can recall pretending not to be interested in the real cocks I saw around me in gym class and at the pool as early as age 10.  Maybe Mellon Man has the right idea with his FMs household, but I still wonder if it might become an Fss household soon, looking for a new recruit.  How much of the violent reaction many boys have to the idea of actually desiring cocks is just guilt and repression of what they really want?.
I think for many (myself included) the "repulsion" at the idea of servicing a "real man's" cock tends to diminish as we grow in our sissy ways, our submission and our desire to please.  I would have no problem kneeling to pleasure a "real man" in an appropriate setting's just a part of who I am!

sissy jamieanne
Its a nindset for me . Being totally imersed in the sub mode . When i was young i saw and heard my aunt and cousin with their boy and girl friends and just thought that was what was expected . I didn't fancy any of the men . It was just what i thought that i was expected to do as i loved to be as fem as my relatives and their friends .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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