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Supervised toilet visits
(06-14-2016, 07:44 PM)June Wrote: Should a sissy be supervised when you allow them to go to the toilet

Would you raise there skirts and pinafores and take down there knickers before you watch as they sit to wee

After would you dry them of and redress or allow them redress themselves?

Or would you just stand at the door and watch or stand outside with door closed and trust them

I have always wanted to have a strong feminist woman to ban me from ever using the toilet and to provide me with a potty instead. I would be made to carry my potty into the lounge whenever I needed a wee wee or poop poo and ask my mistress in front of everyone in the room if she would let me use my potty.

I would then have to ask someone to undue and pull down my trousers (if I was wearing any) and pull my underpants down for me, then I would sit on my potty and do my business with everyone watching and laughing at me.
I always go with my sissy to the bathroom, he is only diapered at night and have toilet privilges but he must ask and I go with him, and wipe fo him as well.
I prefer supervised on my potty in front of mummy  she takes lots of pics of me And punisges Me if I spill any

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