Poll: How should the sissy look after being snipped?
Put in fake bits, sissy will look the same to everyone but we know the truth.
Just take those bits out, they're the problem.
Remove the scrotum, it will look much cleaner.
Take everything, sissy has no need of it anymore.
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How should the sissy look if they get snipped?
The sissy is finally going to be snipped, everyone agrees it's for the best. How do you want things to look once it's done?
For me, the answer depends on long-term goals.  If snipping is the only surgery that will ever be performed on my useless male genitalia, I'd opt for scrotum removal.  Among other things, just think how much simpler shaving would be!  If vaginoplasty is a possibility at some time in the future, my fondest dream, the scrotum will provide useful material for my conversion to a woman.
A true clean FLAT FRONT application - no dangling bits and parts - just a smooth bald mons pubis !
No need for extra suppression gear - tucking - preventive measures like a CB - clothing with ample crotch space.
The urine channel should be a true bottom ejection - standing to pee will no longer be an option * well it could be
but it won't unless lifting a leg up sideways like a dog peeing on a tree - no directional control.
When made to wear a nappy instead of knickers small pads inserts could be used for minimal wetting.

Now just make it Affordable - oh so may SISSYs and so little time !
Take as much as possible and rearrange so that the sissy can present herself as a young lady in her frilly panties. As Sissy Renee notes, the surgeon should leave the scrotal tissue and tell the sissy that this is in reserve for later gender reassignment procedures that may be in the works for her.
I've sometimes thought of having my bits removed. If I ever did it I'd want the whole lot gone.

I'm lucky (in some ways) that I'm so small that I can still wear panties and a tight fitting skirt or dress and nothing shows, so it's not that imperative for me.
The whole problem with total removal is urination . Unless the urethra is permanently kept open it will heal closed .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
There is a lot of fiction and fact about the urinary tract.
I think the penis does not have any controlling valves muscles other than manual manipulation to squeeze off the flow of urine.
Remember when you had to go oh so bad you would squeeze your legs together and grab that fire hose and squeeze the flow off.
Thus if the penis and scrotum are removed the muscle control still remains in place upstream inside the body!
Definitely a case now for sitting to pee or a shower stall and no further grabbing what isn't there to stifle/stop the flow.

A nice flat front makes it real easy and nice to wear all those tight fitting fashionable gurly clothes but you still have to watch out
for the VPL or VKL (visible panty (knickers) line) and best to leave a bit of room for uncontrolled leakage perhaps a sanitary pad ?

So now I ask you a question what does your new found camel toe resemble ?
I once read about a dude that had his guy bits removed, and than his male clitty part was sewed into the empty scrotum so it was kept tucked down in permanent fashion,  and he was forced to sit to pee pee.

That seems to me to be the ultimate way to do a snip job, finished up so there is no doubt we have a sissy left over.
Big Grin Panties forever Heart

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