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Visible panty line
What's your most embarrassing experience of VPL (visible panty line)?

For most women it's something to avoided at all costs. Even now I think there's little worse than seeing a woman or girl with a skirt or trousers on that are too tight and show the line of her knickers. But for a boy it's even worse. 

As a child I remember being made to wear a pair of my little sister's shorts. She's two years younger than me, so inevitably her clothes were too tight on me. She had a pair of shorts my mother sometimes made me wear. They were cotton, and not very stretchy. When I had a pair of Lucy's knickers on underneath the line of the frilly trim around the legs would always be clearly visible. 

So if it hadn't been embarrassing enough to be made to wear the pink girly shorts there'd be the added humiliation of everyone knowing I had knickers on underneath.
Bestest when the outer clothing is sheer pastel or white and the under-roos being a dark - black with very pronounced VPL's seams
with maximum emphasis on the prominent frontal bulge (flat front) and optional whale tale rear exposure !

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