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small chastity
I found the cb6000s too big, I would shrink back so far and small that the back ring would become a bit loose and a ball would escape...
The softer latex versions are too soft, I can get erect enough to achieve a reasonably satisfying orgasm!
Yes been in it sometimes over 3 months

Beleive me, I'm little, and the cb6000 is always tight
One size does not fit all - and multiple rings devices do not make an adequate personal fit.
Only by experimenting and crafting a custom fit will the chastity you desire be achieved.
CBs are not designed for personal comfort - personal fit yes by not comfort. The wearer
is to be reminded for the most part all the time that he is wearing the restraint !
Used for fantasy play any nickel and dime device will suffice. For a long term more mature
application considerable attention is required to the overall conditions of the boneage.

Cute are the abbreviated short mini-models for fantasy play - the real deal models for
long term are the BELTED through the crotch models.
In any event personal hygiene is the utmost concern keeping the man and his toy in
state of cleanliness - Remember "TO DO NO HARM" - after all this is the 21st century !

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