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Gift or Curse?
(03-10-2017, 08:54 AM)Kimmi Wrote: I am sure I would have been terribly embarrassed if I had been feminized growing up, and I am just as confident I would have loved it.

This is exactly how I feel about it. I was a very shy, geeky teenager and although I fancied most of the girls at school, they mostly ignored me. I wanted to join in with their fun, but didn’t know how to get them to notice me. I started to wonder if they would include me if I was a girl. Or if I dressed just like them in a girl’s school uniform. Then I started to fantasise that they might enjoy overpowering me and forcing me to wear a girl’s school uniform just like them, so that I would not so much join in with their fun but be the source of it. It would be humiliating for me, but well worth it if it was fun for them.

It never happened, but if it had, I’m sure I would have been both intensely embarrassed and absolutely delighted. I have a girl’s school uniform now, a pretty close reproduction of what the girls at my school wore back then, and it is still my favourite outfit to wear. Particularly when my wife, who understands my craving for humiliation, suggests getting one of her friends to babysit me while I’m wearing it, or to supervise detention.
Oh gosh, that's absolutely adorable!  My wife no longer wants to see my feminine side. She knows that it's there and will never go away, and she is alright with me dressing in private when she is not around.

But to experience something like you have - being in a schoolgirl uniform and having a female friend babysit me?  I would be so unnerved and at the same time in complete ecstasy.  Perhaps she will want to see me in other outfits or even put me in pigtails and ribbons.  

Your wife is indeed very understanding.  Good for her loving you as she does.
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
(07-21-2020, 12:43 PM)piergab Wrote: When it all began, when I started school, it was certainly not a gift, but for me curse is too much of a word to say. It was a punishment, period, an humiliating punishment but not more than a punishment. And I learned very soon to accept my punishments and the humiliation that goes along. That meant wearing panties and tights under my trousers as school, and the full schoolgirl outfit at home. Being punished that way gave me time to think about my behavior (thanks to corner time maybe) and taught me to respect women and girls, so I can say it helped me to become a better person. At work, I never had any problem to work under women supervision and I always treated with respect those who worked under mine. And when I started to go outside with panties and tights, or dress as a girl at home without being punished, I was certainly aware that it was more a gift than a curse to me.
It’s good to hear that, Piergab. For me, when used in the form of a punishment, that’s what it is all about - and there are undoubtedly many youngsters today who would benefit from of the same.

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