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Being exposed.
Hi fellow travellers, this is my first post on this forum, so forgive me if I go on too long.

I had always thought that people were observant. Well they are not.
Mistress, from that first time She and Her girlfriend put me in panties and stockings, has always been very discreet with family and friends. Well most of them.
Over the. almost 40 years, that I have been her devoted slave/husband, She has always insisted that She did not want a faux woman mincing about the place but rather a feminized man.
To ensure this, She has insisted that I sport a moustache. Therefore when Her maid serves the tea or is tottering about doing the hoovering in 5 inch heels and bondage, resplendent in a satin maid's dress and stockings that appear tantalizingly below the masses of frilly petticoats, his short hair and moustache leave no one in any doubt as to my status.
I am only ever shown off to her girlfriends, She being mostly lesbian, two of which lived with us, although not at the same time. 
Our secret life is known of by others but only those women amongst our friends that She deems trustworthy to know of our unconventional marriage.
I have worn panties and stockings as a minimum for 37years and often found myself tightly corsetted and with a genital restraint locked on for good measure. 
if my boardroom and management colleagues had known what was hiding beneath my suit, they would have been shocked.

However, my point is about public exposure.
Only once has my secret been discovered. A colleague Liz, stroked my thigh at a works outing one evening, she felt my suspender clip and having made sure of her discovery before confronting me in private. She met Mistress and was fully briefed and remains a close friend to this day.
So in almost 40 years of dressing, only the one time.
When you also factor in the hundreds of times that I venture out with Mistress in ladies slacks and blouses, complete with ladies shoes, low heeled of course and never an eyelid batted, you see why I maintain that people only see what they expect to see.
Sarah x
I couldn't tell you how many times i have been exposed . My cousin used to love showing me off to her friends and my aunt used to just go about babying me no matter who was there it was just a normal thing then .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Sarah, Welcome to the PDQ forum (as of today, I see!), and what a lovely first post. Too long? Hardly. A thoughtful post like yours works every time.

I loved it myself and am so fascinated by Liz's discovering the other you and becoming your close friend.

I often wonder if anyone at the office and boardroom will ever see the girl inside me. I have had the same assistant for over 30 years and keep hoping that some year my Christmas present will be pink.

Not that I am in any female attire often, but I understand your point about public exposure. Does anyone notice when the shoes put on in the dark don't match?

What a great beginning and introduction! Please keep writing and sharing. No one will put you on a word count!

In curls
Hi Sarah, and welcome to our forum!

I agree that people see what they want to see. Or perhaps they see, but prefer to mind their own business?

When I first started to go out dressed voluntarily I was terrified at what people might do or say. I was sure that everyone would turn and point and laugh and shout "Look everyone! That boy is wearing a skirt!"

But no-one did. A few people did look, but that was all. And when I look back at what I wore at first I cringe with embarrassment - black clingy mini skirt, black tights, plain t-shirt and padded bra. Archetypal cross dressing clothes.

But it's good that people mostly pay no attention. Anyone who wants to go out dressed but hasn't yet plucked up the courage should take heart from this.
Hi Sarah, I'm a cuckolded male. My wife has exposed me to her Mom , Sister , and my brother in law. The do not pratice this life style, but are supportive of her. They have even withnessed a punishment session when I miss behaved. It was done to humiliate and enhance my punishment.....toni
Welcome Sarah:    What an interesting marriage you are having.    I have been wearing woman's complete  outfits, out in public for the last 20 Years.  No not trying to pass, (that has been a disaster), though it seems not as much fuss, these last 5 years.    I as talking about, undergarments, often a "B" size bra and usually a couple of panties, often with sanitary napkins, if long slacks, panti hose or nylons.      Also, unless hot weather, a camisole, and a blouse, and either woman's shorts, a good number without back pockets, or slacks.      Regarding the blouses and slacks, shorts,  they would be best described as being none gender.

I do like multi colored, silky and if the right style, semi see through  blouses.      To date the most comments I have received, have been from women who have commented, very positively,  particularly on some of my top's, that they wouldn't mind having one, in similar style.    
Having said that, in going out, fully dressed, as Gigi, I can tell you a few, at least for me, horror stories.
Walking along, minding my own business, and a couple of teen girls start screaming, yelling, "look at the guy in a dress", and carried on for over half a block.

Saturday, in a large mall, along comes a young gang of youngsters, my "girl friend" and I became surrounded, and headed out with approx. 9 to 12 kids following along behind, shouting at us.      Even trying to evade them, they followed us through a high end clothing store.

Another mall, myself and an other "girl friend" were identified,by some red neck and had to follow us through one of the larger department stores, and all way out to the parking lot.    We felt threaten, and were scared to even go to our car, in case the jerk took our licence plate number.     This is Florida, by the way, and come to think about it, probably if we had looked at him, the way he was staring at use, he would have claimed he was threatened, so that would had given him the legal right to have pulled a gun and shot us.  In Florida, truly, looks can really kill.

Enough of the negative.    Yes I have imagined having a mistress, that with her friends, have a good laugh at such a silly, dressed sissy as me, but short hair, and hair on my face,   well each their own.    Yes I like to being an imitation sissy girl.   Again welcome and enjoy being with, what seems a great group of a imitation Hen Party.   Me, just a every new panty waist.     Gigi T.

(03-06-2017, 05:28 PM)Bill Wrote: I couldn't tell you how many times i have been exposed . My cousin used to love showing me off to her friends and my aunt used to just go about babying me no matter who was there it was just a normal thing then .

Hi Bill:     As a moderator, when I was doing that job, for a support information site, run by Tri Ess, for the most part, it was great to meet some very fine people from all over the world, specially from Australia, Europe, of course from both Canada and USA, and another number of countries, most who spoke English.
How ever, we did not have a system in place to pre read the submissions, inquiries before they were posted.    Back then, about 20 years ago, some of the submissions were definitely,  very much X rated, and I think even today, would not be acceptable.
Just for information sake,  do you have any number of threads or posts, that do not make it to the open forum.     Would appreciate having a reply, if your time is available.    Gigi T.
We cannot preread posts here either . This is a little more relaxed group . We understand that things are discussed of an adult nature and as long as it's not spam or trolling another member most things are accepted in this genre .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
welcome to the group Sarah

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