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 My mother believed in spanking and would occasionally take me over her knee in the privacy of my parent’s bedroom.  A long time ago (1960's) when I was in 3rd grade or 4th grade, I forgot my lunch one day and Mom brought it to school.  She gave it to my older sister at recess on the girl’s playground behind the school.  Little did I know how that forgotten lunch would affect my life as I soon was made to experience the humiliation of petticoat discipline.

The next time I was bad, my mother said that spankings didn’t seem to improve my behavior  She then asked “ How do the nuns and lay teachers at school punish bad girls and boys. ”  I told her some of the ways and didn't mention others.

Calling my older sister into the room, she asked Susie the same question.  Mom then added “Are there any punishments that make the boys behave? ”   It was then I realized what my Mom had seen on the girls’  playground when she delivered my lunch.  With great glee Susie told her that bad boys sometimes were brought to the front of the class and a big pink bow or bows were put in their hair.  After standing there in front of their classmates for a while,  they were then humiliated further by being made to sit with the girls which made a lot of the boys cry to the delight of the girls.  My sister said that some were even told they might have to wear one of the extra girl’s uniforms that were kept in the office.  Susie said most boys stopped being bad and actually acted like a good girl does with that threat.

With me squirming,  Mom told me to sit still and asked my sister to tell her more.  Susie said that the punished boys had to wear the bow all day including recess and the free time after lunch.  She said that all the girls in the school just love it when they are joined outside in the girls’ schoolyard by one of the “Sissy Boys.”  The boys grade doesn't matter, although it is extra fun if the boy is from your grade or class.

On the day I brought you the lunch, you and your friends certainly were having fun with that one boy .”  She added she had never seen such a sight. He definitely wasn't enjoying himself but you girls were.  Susie said all the girls love teasing the boys and trying to make them cry.  Some teachers help us by making them carry dolls,  jump rope, or play hopscotch just like girls .  Some times we play “Baby in the Air “  Everyone hated that game since the loser has to crawl through the legs of the winners and receive up to 20 spanks.  The girls now fix it so the boy always loses and every girl in the school gets a chance to spank a “Sissy Boy.” from time to time if she wants.

My mother said,  “ Has anyone ever worn the girls’ uniform ? “  Susie said , “No, but Mike from my class could be the first.”  He was the boy you saw that day.  He made fun of a little girl whose short skirt flipped up when she fell at lunch.   Everyone saw her panties and he was very mean to her. The next day his teacher escorted him into lunch with bows in his hair with a babies bib and pacifier around his neck. To the delight of all the girls and the shock of the boys, his teacher announced that Mike's mother had been called and she approved of the punishment the school had planned for him.  Mike then apologized to the girl who had fallen.  His teacher and the girl thanked him and said Mike as a boy didn't know what an embarrassed little girl feels likeWith his teacher smiling at his side he sheepishly asked for everyone to help him feel for the next 2 days like the girl he teased.  He then thanked his teacher for fixing his hair and her gifts of the baby bib and pacifier that would help him feel and act like a little baby girl.   Even though his 2 days of punishment are over all the girls in the school now call him Michelle.  I hope he is made to wear the uniform so the girl who fell gets a chance to flip up his little pleated skirt in front of everyone.

Since I didn't have lunch with my sister, all of this Michael stuff was new to me.  I had seen him off and on that week and just assumed he was one of the unlucky boys who had run afoul of one of the teachers who used humiliation to control their students.  Hearing that his mother had approved his punishment made me begin to worry.

Mom then told me that since spanking didn’t seem to correct my behavior maybe a hair bow would help.  As I promised ,  ”I’ll be good”  Susie said, ‘ Let me get her one of my bows”  Mom said,  “No,  Let's give him a chance.  If he doesn’t shape up, you just might get a new little sister to play with”   Laughing at me Susie said she couldn’t wait to tell her friends.

I hope you will continue very soon, as we have a good sense of what's coming with your very first hair bow. Now, did this also lead to you in a cute pleated skirt susceptible to flipping?

Being told you might become a new little sister would have made me cringe and yet that's what I was hoping for deep inside (well, for me just being a daughter, as I didn't have a sister).

This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to see how far your petticoating takes you.

In curls
Interesting history.  Did you ever think of just resisting?  Besides a spanking, what else could they have done to you to force compliance?  Obviously I'm a contrarian.  Just trying to stimulate conversation.

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