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Hey All!!
Hey PDQers. Anything interesting happen in the last couple of months? I had to step away for a bit, so I've missed all of the new and interesting events. 

I had to drop off the site for a bit because I decided, against my better judgement, so show the site to my husband Kyle. Predictably, he became very angry that I was sharing things about our family and sex life on an internet forum. To mollify him, I dropped off for a while. However, in the last couple of weeks, I've started to become a bit more aggressive about being the one in charge in our relationship. I mean, I always have been, but I think I'd been slipping for a bit. Anyway, a couple of nights ago we had a discussion regarding things, including my participation here, and I "convinced" him that he needed just go along with it, to accept my lead and not make such a fuss. This "discussion" may have occurred with him tied down to my bed with a fairly thick 12" of silicone sliding into his cute little tight butt, but I find that sort of persuasion tends to be successful. But now we understand each other and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again. 

Good to see you back Sara

Sissy Matthew
Welcome back. Why am I not surprised you "convinced" him of the error of his ways?
(02-27-2017, 03:53 PM)Richardto Wrote: Welcome back. Why am I not surprised you "convinced" him of the error of his ways?

I have to admit, that sort of instruction appeals to me  Wink
I wonder if you were a little rougher than normal during your "discussion"...
Great to see you back, Sara. Do we call your dialog "Friendly Persuasion?"

(Not that he really had a choice).
Welcome back Sara, it is good to hear you have sorted out a few difficulties and put your lifestyle back on track. These minor bumps can and do happen when we are unsure of where our feminization is heading but it eventually all works out when we realize it's all for the best.
Luv Your posts, and hearing of Your life.
Welcome back Sara. You were missed.
Great to have you back, Sara In charge! Looking forward to read your posts!

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