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Punished For Not Being Polite
 My wife enjoys proving that she wears the pants in our house by making me wear panties and creatively humiliating me in public.  Petticoat punishment, she says, helps me know what it feels like to be a girl. In warm weather she often makes me shave my legs and wear very short shorts so I feel on display like girls do.

Leaving a happy hour one night last summer, I made the mistake of not holding the door for a group of young women behind us.  Once they were outside she told the five of them that she was sorry that I was so impolite.  I was then instructed to apologize.  After I said that I was sorry about the door, she asked if they thought my apology sounded sincere.  When one girl replied she didn’t think so, my wife said that my behavior and my apology both needed improvement.  To their surprise and delight she made me curtsy to each of them individually while asking to be forgiven for my lack of manners. They were loving every minute of my humiliation.  As I meekly stood there in my shorts with my head bowed, my wife announced that when we got home she was going to punish me further with a spanking. 

Listening to their laughter, I was given her handbag to carry and told we were going to the mall so I could buy myself a pair of new pretty pink panties and a matching bra to wear as a reminder to be polite.  Before we left, the giggling girls complimented my wife for putting me in my proper place and told me they loved my purse, the outfit I was wearing and my nice long legs.  Knowing my place, I thanked them with another curtsy as my wife said, “ She’s learning ! ” As we left one of the girls added  “Have fun shopping, enjoy the weekend and your new undies, Sweetie.”
Interesting story, any man should always know how to behave with any woman who crosses his path, that is something that must never forget.
How intriguing. Being made to curtsy is so intense in and of itself, and then having to shop for a bra and pink panties with all the girls knowing.

You noted that they complimented you on your outfit. What were you wearing? I hope you will share more!
  I don’t remember my exact outfit.  My wife has a very good memory and says I was not receiving any special punishment when we went out that night.  So, I probably had on khaki short shorts,  penny loafers with little girl’s lacy anklets or maroon knee socks with a matching shirt with a girly Peter Pan collar.  Susan made me wear that a lot last summer because it attracts women’s attention.  She says that I always need to feel on display like a girl or woman does and she certainly has put together outfits that encourage stares, laughter, teasing and lots of humiliation for me.

      Susan makes me keep my legs shaved but she doesn’t publicly petticoat me in our home town.  I dread when she says her little girl needs to be taught a lesson or we need to get away or take a long ride.  It is on those punishment outings or our vacations that she may dress me in a very special outfit so she can humiliate me in a new and unique way.  The Women’s March was a perfect example (See the story “Preparing for the Women’s March”).   

      Depending on her mood, no matter where are, as long as it is some distance from our town, I’ve been made to go out in a short skirt or dress, carry a purse, wear a bow in my hair, or wear lipstick along with makeup and heels.  My ensemble is always designed to prove that  “She Wears the Pants And I Wear the Panties in Our House.”   

Susan did remember the college girls laughing at my curtsies that night and how they loved seeing a woman controlling her  “Sissy Husband.”    She has also reminded and teased me about shopping for the bra and panties later that night.  She brought me to tears by reminding about how the salesgirls laughed and teased me as they helped us find a bra & panty set that matched the pink bow she had put in my hair.  Last night wearing that same pink set and bow,  I had to apologize and say that I deserved to be humiliated.  She then suggested that maybe we should return to those stores with me in a dress wearing the bra, panties and the hair bow to see if we could find the same salesgirls to show them how cute I looked in my padded bra.

    She said that more sharing will be done since it makes me relive some of my embarrassing moments.  She also said that you have given her a possible shopping idea for us this weekend.
Your wife certainly wears the pants for sure! Does she make you wear panties, a bra, a dress and heels at your home all the time?
(03-15-2017, 08:23 PM)Mugin Wrote: Your wife certainly wears the pants for sure! Does she make you wear panties, a bra, a dress and heels at your home all the time?


I have to wear panties at all times and nighties to bed.   Other feminine attire is sometimes required in the house when I am being punished.  However, most of my punishments occur outside our home when I am made to wear outfits designed to embarrass and humiliate me.
When I was in college, my very dom girlfriend got me to out my sissy side. So one day during a break in our classes, she told me she was going shopping to buy me some appropriate panties. As she didn't want me underfoot, I was told to wait outside the department store and hold the door open for any and all females entering or exiting the store, if I didn't, I'd receive a very unpleasant spanking that weekend. She was gone for about 45 minutes, while I stood there opening and holding the door for all females in and out of the store.
When s he came back out, she was laughing and delighted tO see me as a door-sissy. She was also holding a very small shopping bag which I was told I would learn more about over the weekend. I was not allowed to see what she bought until then.
That weekend, I was nude and kneeling, begging her to see and put me into the panties she bought me, my little present. They were pink Vanity Fair bikini panties, with lace and a bow.
How delightful! I would have loved a very dom girlfriend in college.

Well, truth be told, any girlfriend!

Girls then sensed I was different, just not how. They had no idea that the predominately football team fraternity had one member who slept in the frat house in nighties.

Of course, thank goodness that none of the fraternity brothers did either!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
(05-09-2017, 05:19 PM)Kimmi Wrote: How delightful! I would have loved a very dom girlfriend in college.

Well, truth be told, any girlfriend!  

Girls then sensed I was different, just not how. They had no idea that the predominately football team fraternity had one member who slept in the frat house in nighties.

I too sleep in nighties, and any woman I'm to be involved with 

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

Miss Kimmi, 
Thanks for responding sweetie!

I would venture to guess there was more than you on the football team and at the Frat house who wore nighties and panties to bed, prefered to tinkle like a girl and was deep down a full blown sissy, like you and I.

I was in a Frat, and played ball and got jumped in fights by losers whose asses got kicked, for crossing me or women I was with.

Outwardly, there are a great many of us who are sissies "passing" as guys to get through life. Truly I wish we could live full time as the sissies we were born to be. My whole life girls sort if knew I like you was different.

Once many women knew who I was deep down, they took to dressing and feminizing me like ducks to water. I sometimes find it hard to understand how some sissies have a hard time telling women about who they are. If presented properly, not weird, not creepy, just this is a deep down part if who I am and whom you care about.

When done properly, most women I have known were pretty cool with it. Plus,  they have a girl within you to go shopping with. Also, today's woman is more dominant, and like taking charge. 
Sissy Cindy Lynn
I would have loved to be taken over any girls' lap and have my panties taken down for a sound spanking on my sit spot. Ouch!!!!

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