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Petticoating girls?
(02-19-2017, 02:57 AM)LittleMiss Wrote: I think perhaps its different standards. Fashion is far, fsr less feminine than 50 years ago. I see most women when i go out in bulky coats, guy cut jeans, and plain tshirts. Nothing unique, or feminine. Its not the wearing of jeans that is feminine, but the type and what with, outfits as a whole, its not so bad for 20 some thing girls like myself, but what is seem online is just from those that put time and care in. Many wear guys clothes that I know.  Such a shame. Feminity i believe cannot suddenly massively change definition and push into masculine definitions. Feminity is the same, wearing a puff sleeve top is still feminine, and jogging bottoms masculine.

When comparing feminity of fifty years ago, to day, of course it's not what we remember. But remember, those ultra feminine fashions had also evolved from much much more ornately fancy feminine fashions. Time and technique evolve and people change with time and technique. Feminity and masculinity are polar opposites, and might even flip genders?society will determine the accepted expressions of those opposites. They are and will be mitigated by a persons personal concept of those extremes. And fortunately gender roles and specific attire is evolving beyond, your male you wear masculine, your female you wear feminine. And I'm great with that. I also believe that women are becoming aware that they will not be dictated to by males. The assertive female is becoming the dominant tread today.
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
I don't see "petticoating" girls, as in forcing them to dress en-femme, but there's no reason they shouldn't dress as beautifully as they please.  They are, after all, naturally better at the feminine look than we are.  What makes sense to me is encouraging them to share their natural tastes and sensibilities with boys as we grow up, supervising and critiquing our wardrobes, taking charge of our behavior.
I can't see that a sissy - or males in general, for that matter - should expect women to dress in any particular way, style or outfit.  Whether we deem it 'feminine' or otherwise is irrelevant - it's a woman's right to choose whatever she wants to wear, not ours, end of story.
I agree completely. impowerment is everything to to with presenting your self as you see yourself
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
I am a little ashamed to have to say that my sisters, brother and I are all punished in a way which would seem to be what is called petticoating. If we offend we can end up confined to a simple gown with buttons down the back and doing menial labour on our farm. This is obviously worse for my brother than my sisters and I particularly in winter when the only additional clothing item allowed is a grey ladies wool cardi. On the other hand I think in public he is more fortunate as my parents enforce wearing of school uniform which I think is more humiliating for us girls than for him. I am now 23 so having to appear at Mass in a shirt tie, school tunic and matching school cardigan is very embarrassing. Of course these sanctions are very effective on all of my siblings and myself and do encourage good behaviour.
Elizabeth I am sorry to hear of your punishment but at the same time pleased to hear your brother is being petticoated as I am sure it will help him be more caring and attentive to his behaviour. Does he have to wear a tunic and cardigan in public when he is confined to school uniform? Does or he or your sisters have other disciplinary measures applied for misbehaviour?

I don't disagree with your comments...but everyone comes here with different experiences - good or bad.

For those who are brought up to love girls clothing in a normal environment, the concept of petticoating girl may seem strange. But for those who have 'endured' the humiliation, either male or female, they can see why this might work. Then there are those at the other end that believe only males should undergo this and that females have been dominated enough by their male counterparts to undergo such punishment.

As said before...a wide spectrum of experiences...which I am sure we will never all agree on.

Sissy Matthew
(02-19-2017, 01:04 AM)JoanieB Wrote: I completely disagree, though the presence of jeans is previlent, (the look is still feminine, guys don't wear jeans and high boots on the outside with blouses and infinity scarfs) girls still like to be and look feminine. Just take a look at the summer dresses in any boutique, or the prom gowns on most highschool girls. Femininity does evolve. But honestly it will never be masculine. And that will always divide the boys from the girls regardless of what is between their legs!
Gigi T.
JoanieB       I have to agree with your view.    There are too many people who think their opinion is the only right one.     If we all respected other people, with the exception of those who intend to do harm, we would feel free to go out in public, as we wish, as a sissy,   adult baby, or just as a great, good looking gurl, as to the best that we may look, or even if we come across as somewhat pathetic.      It would be great to be what we desire to be, what ever that means, and regardless of time.   Yes, if perfect, one might see a smile, or a "each their own" comment, but it would all be in good fun.   Regrettably that is not the case, and in North America and other parts of the world, we are fortunate. 
  The reality is, that for great parts of this planet, being a woman, takes guts that very few men can handle.   No rights, physical abuse, without any legal protection.    Laws that say how you will dress, etc.
I also would love to see women and girls back into the dresses of the 1800's and 1950's, but then I would be no better, than those who think their way is the only way.    
    I am proud to say I am a feminist, and to the best of my ability, and prejudice, support and have supported women to gain the advancement, so many who have worked so hard and still, in numerous case, held back, by so called egotistical macho males.
I can assure you that my confinement to school girl uniform and a plain gown to do menial farm work are both very much punishment. I hate it and gain absolutely no pleasure from it. My brother wears his school male clothes and is not made to wear a school dress or tunic in public.

We do also get the strap and paddle (as well as sometimes the hairbrush for my sisters and I), grounding, early bed times, mouth washing and corner time as punsihments when our behaviour merits it in my parents eyes.

I can assure you as a woman that my petticoating is a very humiliating experience particularly as I get older.
You have to look at the big picture here. Girls , Womenhave the option to dress anyway they want. The need to to stay in style, and well She might not want to wear a dress to baseball game. But might want a little black dress for dinner or coctais out.
The petticoating is needed for boys that are out of control, too macho. Itsused to calm them down, embarrase them into behaving properly. To let them knowhow a women feels, to put them in touch with there femmine side. It also teaches them that they are not more powerfull or above women, bring then down to size so to speak.
I don't see any purpose to force a gril to dress as a man,unless its something she wants to do......toni

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