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Short stories
"So you think it's fun to flick up the girls' skirts and show everyone their knickers, do you? Well do you, boy?"

Ali hung his head in shame.

"Well, young man. You're going to find out just what it's like. Take off all your clothes and then put these pretty frilly knickers on. If you're quick and don't make a fuss I'll let you wear a dress to cover them, at least until the girls find you..."
Twenty years ago Susan had been so badly beaten by her husband, she spent a week in hospital. She divorced him and started rebuilding her life.

Alan had crossdressed all his life. He had told his previous girlfriend about this and she was so disgusted she dumped him. For twenty years he had been alone.

They had both contemplated sucide.

Then Alan and Susan met, then they started dating. They were both open and told each other about there pasts.

They are now deeply in love with each other.

Both of them are glad they chose life over death.

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