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Short stories
Samuel hesitantly opened the back door to the garden and peeked out. None of the neighbours seemed to be about so he hurriedly picked up the washing basket and began pegging out the days laundry.
He desperatley hoped no one heard the click clack of his heels on the patio, or saw his pink panties as the breeze flipped up his ever so short skirt.
He froze as from behind him came a voice he knew only too well.
"My my, what a good girl you are Sammy, hanging the laundry like that, and I love your matching panties and bra too."
Sammy realised his blouse was quite sheer after all.........
Heart A secret sissy from the UK. Heart
The boy came back downstairs, shamefaced at being exposed in his nappies and baby knickers.

“Tell your Aunty Jane why you’re wearing a nappy, Ali.”

He hesitated, but not wanting another spanking, mumbled a response. “I made a dirty mark in my knickers.”

His Aunty smiled at him “I think you mean ‘underpants’ don’t you? Girls wear knickers. Boys wear underpants.”

His mother prompted him again.

“No, Aunty. I was wearing knickers. Mummy’s made me wear Lucy’s knickers this week.”
Billy had a fetish in his head: raising the skirts to the girls and exposing his underwear. That is why his punishment was the most humiliating for him. Dress him in the school uniform of the girls and leave it in the yard, at his mercy. ..
Tommy had forgotten to change into his male underwear for his doctors visit, hoping nobody would notice his sheer white high cut panties. Although wearing a gown, he was exposed when doctor had him bend over to check his rectum.
"Just to be safe" he said an application of antiseptic cream was in order. Embarrassed as the doctor pulled his panties down, he was told to spread his bottom cheeks, as the applicator was quite large. After working it back and forth he finally slipped it deep inside, and soon Tommy felt the pleasant rush of warm cream in his bottom. The doctor then replaced the applicator with a plug to keep the cream inside. Again just to be safe, he told Tommy weekly treatments were recommended.
As he drove home, his bottom felt warm, and he smiled.
Next week, he visits the dentist.
Abby was sick of seeing her cousin Lucas crying again. She knew it was because of Jim and Mike's bullying, even if Lucas wouldn't denounce them.
She didn't understood why he always found excuses to his younger cousin (her older brother) and his big brother (her oldest cousin).
"What have they done to you, sweety?" She asked.
"They called me a sissy", he sniffed.
"You have to tell your parents!" She scolded him.
"What the point? They're right after all... Sniff... I am a sissy..."
Cracking her fingers, she decided that she would have to stop them by herself.
Head down, Sebastian lifted the edge of his pink princess dress in a cute curtsey. "Please Miss Emma, may I do a wee-wee?"
His sister's friends burst out laughing.
"What do you think folks?" she asked. "Shall we allow my 'big' brother to pee?"
"Ho yes!", said Mary enthousiasly. "I would love to see him on his baby potty!"
"Or he could use his diaper and stay in his piss!", said Sophia.
"Or we can refuse and let him squirm!" said Liam.
"Ok sissy, go play with your dolly while we discuss how to decide your fate", Emma concluded.
Tommy winced as he felt the prick inside his mouth, but quickly the pain from the Novocain needle subsided. While he could feel the dentist probing his mouth, he certainly felt no pain. If fact he rather enjoyed it. He opened his mouth even wider, giving the dentist even greater access, as his instrument came alive in his mouth. Suddenly a warm sensation filled his mouth, and he instinctively closed his lips around the probe. He looked up at the dentist as he withdrew, and he said, "yes, you can spit now Tommy". Tommy hesitated, glanced back at the Dr, and he said, " yes, you can swallow if you like". Tommy swallowed and smiled. Same time next week - you have another cavity I'd like to fill.
This was TOO long!

Am moving this to a separate section... it's hard being male and thinking at the same time
Whyguys, I like you short story but this one has more than 100 words.  Exclamation 
See rule in the first post. Wink
(07-24-2017, 08:06 PM)alexvyaz Wrote: Whyguys, I like you short story but this one has more than 100 words.  Exclamation 
See rule in the first post. Wink

Alex and alll  please forgive me!

OOOPS -  never read the opening.... besides reading and math are too hard for BOYS!

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