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Short stories
How about this for an idea? Post a story in fewer than 100 words that completely encapsulates a full story. 

I'll go first.

The boy's mother led her friend into his bedroom, where he was lying on his over-sized cot. He was wearing a thick terry nappy and pink plastic pants, patterned with Disney princesses. On his head he had a pink frilly bonnet, which matched his baby dress.

"His nanny puts his nappies on for him when he gets home from school on a Friday, and he stays in them until Monday morning. The only visitors he's allowed are his nanny and his little sister and her friends."
The boy got out of the car and  ran up the path to his Granny's front door. He had his duffle coat hood up so no one could see him. Before he could ring the bell the door opened and Granny stood there.

"Embarrassed to see me are you?" she said

"" stammered the boy.

"We'll see about that" she replied, taking off his duffle coat.

The boy was wearing a pretty white blouse, red tartan kilt skirt with straps over the shoulders, and red woolly tights with sandals.

"Now...for the rest of the morning you can stand on the front step and watch the children play. But don't you dare join in"

The boy's mouth opened in shock.

"And you can lift your skirt to show everyone those pretty, yellow knickers you have on under your tights. If you're good, you may get a shorter spanking than normal"
The young ladies were enjoying Lucy's eighteenth birthday party. They were dressed up to the nines in their mini-skirts, sparkly tights and close-fitting blouses.

The maid serving their drinks was tottering around in red patent leather high heels, white fishnet stockings and a little black dress with white frilly trim, and was causing considerable amusement.

"Your maid is so hopeless!" giggled one of the guests. "What's her name?"

"Her? Her name?" queried Lucy. "It's not a girl. It's Alistair, my brother."
'Skirt up, tights and knickers down.'
Despite feeling overwhelmed he obeyed her without hesitation.
'Bend over, legs together, fingers touching toes.'
She moved behind him, adjusted his skirt higher and took up position to his left.
'24 strokes'.
His heart rate rose as he heard the cane swish back and forth behind him.
'Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am'.
He took a deep breath...
"You girl! Yes, you!" shouted Miss Evans, the teacher. "Come to the front of the class. You haven't done your homework. You haven't been able to answer a single question correctly. And now I catch you not paying attention. I'm going to bend you over my desk, lift up your skirt, pull down your knickers and spank your bare bottom in front of the other girls."

Meekly heading towards the front of the class, Alistair was more humiliated than ever by his aunt's decision to send him to an all girls' school.
Here are a couple, all of them are loosely based on real petticoating cases. Love to hear your comments and thoughts.


Linda longed for a granddaughter, but was stuck with her two rowdy grandsons Alan and Oliver. When the boys came to visit she decide to turn one of them into her “granddaughter”. She told the boys to choose, one of them would volunteer or she would decide. The boys grow angry and pointed at the other, pick him. Linda, warn them choice or you will be sorry. Later that evening, Linda happily walked through the mall towards the little miss salon holding the hands of her granddaughters Allison and Olivia.

Sam and his mother were walking through the mall, when he spotted Danny coming out of the little miss salon. He ran towards the store screaming “no way”! Danny frighteningly back away holding his mother’s hand. As he turned Sam yanked his dress showing off his ruffled panties. Danny cried as Sam mother grabbed him by the collar. The two mothers locked eyes and smiled. The next day, Danny sat in his backyard wearing a yellow party dress flared outwardly over stiff petticoats, a teary eyed Samantha joined him imprisoned in a pink dress flared over layers of stiff petticoats.
Lovely the way all the boys end up in frilly dresses.

I would add dainty gloves and white tights...
(02-19-2017, 05:50 PM)Sissy Matthew Wrote: Lovely the way all the boys end up in frilly dresses.

I would add dainty gloves and white tights...

Sissy Matthew, there are plenty of lacy tights, white gloves and other ultra feminine accessories. With only 100 words per story I had to keep some of the details out. Both accounts are based on real accounts and there are plenty of Allison, Olivia. Danny and Samantha swishing in frilly dresses.

Glad to hear it...wouldn't expect anything less
They're lovely stories. The whole point of restricting the stories to 100 words is to leave plenty to the reader's imagination. One can only imagine, for example, the circumstances which led to the boy's being put into their frilly dresses.

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