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Who Else Knows?
For most of us here this lifestyle we lead is a huge secret and except for those who have been to a Dominatrix or have a partner who demands or playfully encourages our submissiveness we live in fear of someone finding out. That happened to me years ago and it never amounted to anything and I rarely even think about it but back then it wasn't so.

To make a long story short my Wife's younger sister had dropped by to borrow a blouse or a dress for an event of some sort and my Wife forgetfully brought her to our bedroom closet where all my girly things were. As She opened the closet with Her sister behind Her She immediately noticed all my high heels on the floor and quickly grabbed what She went in there for and closed the door hoping nothing had been seen and nothing was said. It wasn't until later that my sister-in-law asked about the shoes noting there were a much larger size than she knew my Wife wore as well as the fact she had never seen them before. Basically she had put two and two together but didn't actually ask if they were mine. My Wife came clean telling her I was a transvestite and they had a long talk but She never mentioned anything about my maid's dress that thankfully was at the other end of the closet out of view. When I got home from work that day I was told what happened and I began to think the worst.

As it turned out it was no big deal, to this day I have never spoken about it to my sister-in-law and it has not changed anything about our family relationship and I still get the best hugs from her when we meet. I mentioned that to my Wife one time and in Her always humorous way She said that Her sister was probably checking to see if I was wearing a bra. I am very comfortable that she knows I dress, part of me would have no problem being Jennifer in front of her but she has shown no interest in even talking about it so it's better not to rock the boat.
I'm open about my cross dressing, but not about my dressing as a baby.

But a while ago a friend of mine came round and we had a couple of glasses of wine. After a while she asked to use the bathroom and I directed her upstairs. But I forgot she'd not been round before, and she went into my spare bedroom by mistake. I usually kept the door locked, but hadn't as I wasn't expecting any visitors.

I had a load of my baby things drying on an airer in there - nappies, plastic baby knickers and frilly tights.

She knew I dressed as a girl, but had no idea about my baby things.

I could tell something was up when she came back downstairs. And I immediately realised what must have happened. It was so embarrassing.

I had no choice but to come clean. She was unsure about it initially, but luckily then found it kind of funny.

But I'm sure she never looked at me quite the same again.
I think women can just about accept men cross dressing...but dressing as a little girl or baby is a step too far for many. That is why I would never 'come out' in public in that regards.
All to often, we precieve what others might think of us, because we have been lead to believe what we are doing is in some way bad. It is not, it's just been frowned upon by a patriarcle society that expects men to be strong. And any man who enjoys his femininity is weak. Fortunately times are changing and we are learning more and more that women are not by nature weak. And that it's insulting to them to hear that being a feminine male is weak.
Your sister inlaw may simply be respecting the privacy you and your wife have. If you really want to know about what she feels, (talk to your wife to see how she feels then you're going to have to ask your sister inlaw. And I'm sure you'll get the response "hey, as long as you treat my sister with respect!" Blah blah blah.

Where do you want to go is what's important. Myself, dignity, respect and understanding, as well as validity are important. But I'm also not closeted any longer, and my friends and relatives are important to me, and I respect myself enough that I am not ashamed of my femininity. I would be considered "bi gendered" or "gender fluid" parts of my life are filled with femininity and some of my life requires a little masculinity. I have found that those that matter to me, really respect who I am and what I do. Some people loving sharing my girl, some are uncomfortable but try hard. They are the loves of my life.

I think it's very important that we begin to take pride in our lives. We are blessed with a different dynamic today and more and more men are letting their softer sides shine. I believe this has always been the case, but the tradition expectations of a patriarcle society put a damper on it but has always taken part in it behind closed doors. We all need to be prideful of the feminine qualities in us, and share it with those who love us with out fear of consequence. Doing so is living less then your fullest potential.

As for the word "transvestite" and Crossdress? They are simply archaic words used in a psychological community of the dark ages (they no longer exist in the mental health industry and removed from the DSM manuals) and were used to describe what was thought to be a disphunctional aspect of living life. A man with feminine desires was though dysphoric, dysphuntional and undesirable. We need to stop using these words! They are ancient social constructs that harm innocent people. Men, (we think of ourself this way often) are thought to be disphunctional if they are feminine, i.e. Weak, which at best is an insult to every women out there.
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
I agree, Joanie.

I've always thought it odd that a girl who likes to wear boyish clothes and climb trees is celebrated as a 'tomboy', whereas a boy who likes to dress as a girl and do so-called girly things is sneered at as a 'sissy'. The implication is that being boy-like is good, but being girl-like is bad.
That very much has been the implications of the past. With women taking leadership roles in the present and future, I think this perception is changing, (that women are inferior, makinibg it appear inferior to emulate a women) But I believe that with this new female empowerment movement feminine boys should also be empowered. I see it happening more and more but, staidly I also see the stereotypes perpetuated as well.
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
I agree, Joanie.

I do think things are changing, though. When I first started to go out dressed as a girl I was really worried about what people would think. In fact, I was quite worried about physical violence against me.

But in fact I've rarely had any problems. And a lot of girls and women are quite interested in a guy in a skirt.

Maybe I'm just getting more used to it and confident, but it seems a lot easier now.
Times definitely have changed attitudes. When I was dressing up as a teenager (almost 35 years ago), the threat of physical violence was extremely real and a constant worry. In our modern times, my wife has seen men walking around town in dresses or skirts (the bushy beard is a dead giveaway) without being harassed.

Add to that the fact that women are becoming much more empowered and they are no longer wanting the man who keeps them as a 'trophy' and tries to control so much of their lives. Instead, they are more willing to see the guy who isn't afraid to understand life from their side of the equation.
It's becoming that world we always dreamt of!
I played hostess to my female husband's son and friends this weekend. It couldn't have been more natural of a thing for me to be cooking, cleaning up or entertaining as my feminine self.
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart
Hey to y'all. I'm closet crossdresser and I just joined.

My ex was the first person to know about my urges to crossdress. Then I told to my mother. My ex play partner knows, my current Domme knows and one woman I've been chatting online for a while. Sorry my English can be faulty cause it's not my first language.

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