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Forever a baby, part 2

When I come to again I'm in the crib still. I can feel the big nappy on my bottom and the tight elastic of the baby knickers round my thighs and tummy. 

But worse than that I can feel a real pressure in my bladder. 

I look around and see the huge woman on the other side of the room. I try to call to her, but it comes out as incomprehensible garbled gurgles. Nevertheless it attracts her attention. 

She comes over to my crib, smiling at me. She pulls back my covers and I'm fully exposed in my nappy and frilly baby knickers. By now I'm getting desperate. 

Still smiling she leans over me - and I'm taken completely by surprise as she puts her mouth to my tummy and blows a raspberry on me. It tickles and I can't help but giggle and kick my legs. 

She does it again and again, and I giggle more and more, wriggling and kicking my legs in the air. 

And then I realise - all this giggling has made me lose concentration, and I'm in the middle of wetting my nappy. I try to stop, but I can't. Then she blows another raspberry on my tummy and I forget about the shame of wetting my nappy and just let it flow. Before long my nappy is soaked. I hope it doesn't leak. And I hope she doesn't find out what I've done. 

But what am I thinking? Of course she's going to find out. In a couple of minutes she picks me up and pushes two fingers inside my knickers and nappy and has a quick feel around. She says something else I can't understand, but which must be some kind of comment on my nappy being wet. 

Sure enough she takes me over to the changing table again and pulls down my knickers. Then she undoes my wet nappy and takes it off me. I lie there helplessly as she wipes and powders me, before putting me into a clean nappy. 

This time my baby knickers aren't frilly. They're plain milky white, and I think at last she may have realised I'm not a girl, even if she does still think I'm a baby. 

But once again I'm disappointed. She produces a baby dress. It's white, with bright red strawberries all over it. She sits me up and slips it over my head. I try to resist but it's futile. 

When it's on I can see that it's very short - not even long enough to cover my bottom. And then she produces a pair of matching baby knickers. They're cotton, like my dress, with the same strawberry pattern. They have elasticated legs, with white frills found the leg holes. She pulls them up over my bulky nappy and waterproofs pants. 

She stands me up and I see myself in the mirror. I can tell now why the knickers are made from the same material as my dress - the dress is designed to be short enough for the knickers to be fully visible. It's so humiliating. 

I try to walk, but my nappy is so bulky that's I can only waddle. The woman lets me take a couple of steps before I lose balance and plonk down on my padded bottom. She picks me up, once again cupping my bottom in one hand, and carries me to another room. 

To my horror she puts me into a pushchair and straps me tightly in. The strap between my legs has caught my dress, meaning that my matching baby panties are on display. It's obvious I have a nappy on. 

I realise I'm completely in her control, and that she's going to take me outside in a pushchair, dressed as a baby girl.

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