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Mommies makeup ? artist!
I watched Say Yes To The Dress s14e7 (which I highly recommend to anybody if you like wedding dresses). The woman in it was amazing and I caught a lovely moment on her instagram I thought to share: (press play to watch the short clip)

How cute! Blush

Has anyone here been tasked to help mommy apply make up, or any mothers recruited their little ones for the job?
I frequently would watch and ask questions but was never tasked to help. She knew how interested I was and indulged my curiosity.
(02-09-2017, 02:59 PM)GinaV Wrote: I frequently would watch and ask questions but was never tasked to help. She knew how interested I was and indulged my curiosity.

that sounds like a sweet moment! would love to hear about it Smile
It is very important that from an early age we teach them the art of makeup, as well as being beautiful for others and for ourselves.
Wow such a cute moment! Recently I went for a wedding at event venues Boca Raton for which my daughter helped me to select the dress and done my makeup and hairstyle by looking at the YouTube video. It was such a great feeling to be a mother of such a lovely daughter.
Oh gosh, Lillie!

That had to be so much fun, especially with your daughter participating.

I would love that!

Countless hours filing and painting nails, and washing / brushing / styling hair - but never makeup. Would love to.
I was 5 or 6, I think, and stuck (as usual) with playing with my visiting cousin Alicia (because we are the same age) while the big boys went out to play big boy games.  Alicia's idea was to play makeup so we got into my Mom's stuff and Alicia knew what everything was for sort of, so we made ourselves very pretty, we thought, and we made quite a mess too.  We got in a little trouble but mostly just got laughed at, especially by my brothers and boy-cousins.  They said things like what a pretty girl I was, but Mom and my Aunt thought it was kinda cute and wouldn't let me wash off my makeup, much as I wanted to, for the rest of the day.  Foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeliner and shadow, powder (I love that smell).  There's a picture of us and, I gotta say, we didn't do a very good job.  Also, I was crying from being teased and my mascara was running, big blotchy streaks of clumped poorly applied mascara.

Looking back, I can think of a more enlightened outcome.  Mom and my Aunt should have sat all of us down for a real makeup session, Alicia and me and my brothers and cousins too.  What a picture that would have made, and what a lesson!

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