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Fluffy Bunny
Obsessions can lead to all sorts of unforeseen - and humiliating - consequences...

Fluffy Bunny  - Pt.1

I found him rummaging through my wardrobe, wearing a pair of pink satin panties under a pair of my pantyhose. But how’s this – he was dressed in my pink angora cardigan! With all the little pearly buttons done up right to the top of the neckline. Pathetic, really.’

Yes, of course it was. For about three seconds. Nice and hard and all sticking out. And then it just shriveled up in fright. Just did a disappearing act, like it was never there!’ She let out a loud peel of laughter.

Well yes, I must admit my dear friend, I thought you might come up with some interesting ideas.’

Yes, yes, yes, that sounds fantastic! He’s blushing as we speak…I suspect there might be a bit more of that before you’ve finished with him.’ Again, she laughed.

She crouched down in front of him.

Guess what you panty-waste? Nanny’s coming over, just to visit you.’ She chuckled.

Now Nanny wants some words with you. Stern one’s I suspect’ she said, handing the phone to him.

He lay there with the phone next to his ear, his heart pounding furiously, not daring to say a word…

It’s Nanny Catherine here Little Miss Fluffy Bunny. You’ve been a very, very bad little girl, haven’t you?’

His throat was bone dry…he couldn’t say anything…the seconds ticked away…

Answer Me!’’


When I ask you a question I expect an answer. Straight away!’

He swallowed and answered meekly, ‘Yes.’

Yes what?’

Yes Nanny Catherine.’

That’s better. Now pay attention. What you’ve been doing is appalling. Fancy crawling and trawling through your landlady's clothes. I suspect you’ve done this before, haven’t you?’

He swallowed again. ‘Yes Nanny.’

I thought as much. You can’t help yourself you pathetic little sissy. You’ve been wearing Patricia’s cardigans and sweaters as often as you could haven’t you?’

He hesitated before answering, ‘Yes Nanny.’

She chuckled. ‘Now I want to hear you say to Aunty Patricia, I’ve done this before. Go on…’

He turned his head away from Patricia to avoid her gaze, blushed, and said quietly,

I’ve done this before.’  

Surprise surprise!’ answered Patricia. 

Catherine said, ‘You certainly need some serious attitude adjustment young lady. Repeat after me, “ ‘I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’. ”

Oh God no…

Come on, I don’t like hesitation.’

I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’.

See, that was easy. Now say it again.’

I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’.

And again.’

I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’.

Very good! You’ll find it gets much, much easier the more you say it. And you will be saying it regularly from now on. Once more for Nanny; come on.’

I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’.

I’m coming over there shortly and then we'll have some fun. At your expense!’ She let out a loud raucous laugh. ‘Now hand me back to Aunty.’

He did as he was told.

Patricia burst out laughing. ‘A-ha, yes, yes…okay, yes I do. That’ll be easy. All right, about an hour. Sure. Thanks Catherine. I always knew your profession was interesting - now I’ll see it in action. Can’t wait. Yes. Bye Love.’ 

End Pt.1

(02-04-2017, 06:14 AM)Fluffy Bunny - Part 2‘Well, sissy who loves wearing MY fluffy clothes, you’re in serious strife aren’t you?’ Wrote: He couldn’t look at her…

You didn’t know I have friends in all the wrong places, did you? And you thought when you met Catherine on her visits here that she was just another girlfriend. You had no idea what she did for a living.’ She chuckled and then continued, ‘But there’s another side to her…so now you’ll see a real professional in action.’

Awww, you look so embarrassed. Never mind, Nanny is very good at making little boys feel more comfortable about being little sissy girls. She even told me a secret.’

She leaned down and took hold of his face and turned it towards hers.

Look at me.’

He slowly raised his eyes to meet hers. He blushed…

Nanny loves her sissy-girls to wear nappies…’

He shut his eyes….

Open your eyes when I talk to you.’ He did as she said, despite a desperate desire to look away. Feelings of dread poured through his mind.

And she told me something else…’

She’s going to be wearing a fluffy angora sweater, just for you.’ Patricia cackled maniacally.

Pleassse Pat…ah…Patricia…ah Aunty…I’m sorry, I really am, I…’

Oh do be quite. Face it, you’re only sorry you got caught.’

But I wont do it again, I…’


The tone in her voice had its effect. He quietened down.

You sneak into my room, put on my clothes, play with your diddle and then want me to just forget about it? You are kidding yourself boyo…’

She let the silence fill his head….

You’ve blown any chance of me taking you seriously as a man from this point on. I’ve a good mind to let the world know all about your pathetic little secret.’

Please don’t tell anyone, I promise I’ll behave’, he pleaded.

Then you’d better do exactly as Nanny and I say. Is that clear?’

Yes Patricia’, he answered meekly.

Yes Aunty Patricia.’

Yes Aunty Patricia.’

Good. Now stand up and don’t move.’

Patricia moved behind him and removed some belts from a hanger.

Hold your arms against your side.’ She looped a belt around his waist very tightly, pinning his wrists in place and then put another one around his upper body and arms, before putting another one on just above his knees.

There, much better. You can stay standing there for now.’

She left the wardrobe and returned a few minutes later.

She held a sweet-smelling dark bar up to his nose. ‘Mmmm, yum-yums,’ she chuckled.

Nanny Catherine doesn’t like her sissies wasting her time by not using her nappies. Open up.’

He slowly opened his mouth. ‘Wider…that’s better. Now gobble. Go on, eat the nice laxative all up. Its very fruity!’, she laughed. ‘Lots of farty-farts followed by lots of brown yiky-yiks. You poor little sissy you.’

He lowered his head, shamed….

Chomp, chomp, chomp….come on swallow. Hurry up, Nanny will be here soon.’

She forced the remaining bar into his mouth.

Now we’d better get you out of my wardrobe before you stink the place out.’ She led him to the bathroom off the hallway and eased him down onto the cold tiles of the floor.

Open your mouth.’

She moved to the clothes-basket and removed a pair of panties from it.

Here’s some nice soiled panties for you to suck on’, she said as she put them into his mouth.

Time for you to do some contemplation. Because you certainly have plenty to contemplate!’  

(02-04-2017, 06:14 AM)Fluffy Bunny - Pt 3.  He could see the packet on the shelf above him, the words ‘Gentle Relief’ reflected back down to him. A whole block of natural laxative, oh god. Wrote: How did I get myself into this???!!!’ He closed his eyes, mired in thoughts of the dread to come.

For what seemed an eternity he lay there, feeling the twitches and rumbles in his stomach gradually wave through him. And then the doorbell rang.

Voices, laughter, lots of it, paroxysms of it peeling down the hallway towards him. And then the door handle turning. And in stepped Nanny, her dark pageboy-bobbed hair swaying just above the neckline of her purple angora sweater.

Aww, look at the pathetic little fluffy bunny. Just a touch more swaddling and she’ll be just perfect. And very warm and snuggly.’

Catherine turned to Patricia who held a black cardigan in her hand. ‘I think you should do the honours My Dear.’

Why of course. Thank you Nanny.’

Patricia lent down to him and rubbed the soft sleeve of the cardigan over his face.

I want to introduce you to your new girlfriend.’ He blushed vividly.

What, have you two met before?’ she said with mock surprise.

Have you met before?’ This time her tone was much more serious. His blushing couldn’t stop.

Well…’, said Nanny, ‘…seems she’s stolen our thunder. She’s probably wanked off in it dozens of times. You have, haven’t you?’

He slowly nodded his head.

Yuk! I had quite an attachment to this. My sister gave it to me for my fortieth. Bugger him.’

Oh well, at least we’ll salvage some enjoyment out of a bad situation.’

She lent down and undid the belts around his waist, arms and knees. The blood rushed into his hands and thighs.

Hop over on all fours Fluffy Bunny.’

Patricia placed the cardigan under him.

Now for show time.’ She stood up and left the room, returning a minute or so later.

She crouched down next to him, a digital camera in her hands.

Nanny Catherine and Aunty Patricia want to be entertained. Start playing with yourself, big mister tiger pants.’

He placed his hand on his shriveled cock and tried to get hard but couldn’t. The camera whirred away….

Awww, whats the matter fluffy sissy, has the cat got your clitty?’ said Catherine.

His stomach knotted and growled, pulling him up tight…

Ooooo, what a noise!’

Come on sissy, get hard or else you’ll find these pictures on Nanny’s website before dawn.’

Oh no…please…please…my stomach…

The two women laughed.

Seems there’s a blockage somewhere’, chuckled Patricia.

Yes, but nothing beats a good friend to help relieve blocked drains.’

Catherine dived into her bag and then moved in front of him, holding an 8”, flesh-like dildo up to his eyes.

This is to help you focus on the task at hand Fluffy Bunny.’

With that she donned latex gloves and moved behind him. ‘This will help get your clitty just right for Nanny and Aunty.’ She inserted the dildo into his arse. He let out a long groan through the panties.

Nanny jiggled and jiggled it, ‘Now move backwards and forwards…go on’. He started to rock in rhythmic ways, feeling the object entering him deeper and deeper. The action started to have the desired effect - his cock enlarged…

See, I have wonderfully helpful friends…’

Now move your body closer to those shiny little buttons…’

Patricia kept up taking pictures…

Are you getting ready to show your new girlfriend just how much she means to you Fluffy Bunny?’

He slowly nodded…shame, embarrassment and his exposed maleness colliding to fill his head with contradictory emotions and thoughts.

I’m going to count to ten Fluffy Bunny and when I get there, I expect you to show your lovely new black girlfriend just how special you find her. Is that clear?’

Again he slowly nodded.


His stomach twisted…he desperately wanted relief…

Five…six…I want your clitty juices running right over those buttons now…’

Oooohhh, I just want to come…please let this end…’


At that his cock went into spasms…


His cum poured out in huge spasms, his body contorting like it never had before…

Very good, little Fluffy Bunny, very good!’

Catherine let the quivering in his body settle and then shoved the dildo in another inch. ‘Keep your arse cheeks tight and don’t let that drop out. Or else’.

She moved around and crouched next to him. ‘Time to show Nanny and Aunty just how much you appreciate making such a big sissy puddle all over your new girlfriend.’ She removed the panties from his mouth.

She placed a hand behind his neck and firmly pushed his head towards the cum-covered buttons. ‘Now lick each button clean.’

He hesitated, humiliation mounting on humiliation.

What’s this? Are you having commitment phobia already young lady? After all the pleasure we’ve just given you?’ She stood up and moved behind him. The dildo was shoved in another inch. He let out a huge groan.

Please…not this…anything, but not this too?’

I’m afraid you gave up the right to choose your fate when you chose to indulge yourself with Aunty Patricia’s fluffies.’ The dildo went in another half inch.

Lick that sissy puddle up or else all these pretty pictures Aunty Patricia’s been taking will be on the web before you’ve had time to soil your nappy.’

He closed his eyes and started licking.

Come on, put some passion into it. At least make out she’s the new love of your life. Which she is of course!’

He licked and tongued…

Now suck it up…come on!’

He did as he was told.

Patricia and Catherine both stood up.

What a performance…’ said Patricia shaking her head quickly, ‘…you’re a marvelous director, Nanny.’

Oh I’m not quite finished yet.’

With that she rummaged through her bag and pulled out a large terry toweling cloth.

Nanny does so love nappied sissies. Especially when they can’t escape from them.’

Her hand went back into the bag and pulled out a leather-belted harness with matching mitts attached.

(02-04-2017, 06:14 AM)Fluffy Bunny - Pt 4‘Now Fluffy Bunny you’re to roll over onto your back and lift your legs and back high into the air.’ Wrote: Very good. She is learning to be obedient! Amazing what some firm feminine guidance can do to a sissy.’

Catherine started to remove the dildo. ‘When this comes out I don’t want any farting. If you do fart, I’ll roll you over and give you a good solid spanking. Do you want a spanking?’

No!’, he yelled.

Now, now, calm down, address me properly when I ask you a question.’

No Nanny, please, I don’t want a spanking, I’ll be good.’

Good, sissy, you are learning.’

She removed the dildo in one motion and with that he felt his stomach and anus drop, but the emptiness quickly filled with another belly roll. ‘I just want this to end!’ he screamed inside his head.

Nanny then pulled the cardigan out from under him, rolled it over his head, and undid a few buttons leaving his face poking out between them.

Nap-nap time Fluffy Bunny. You do want nap-nap don’t you, Fluffy Bunny?’

Please, please don’t make me say it!’, he screeched to himself.

Fluffy Bunny, Nanny asked you a very specific question and she expects a very specific answer. You want nap-nap don’t you?’

He swallowed, the stickiness from his cum adding to the dryness of his mouth. Part of him wanted the nappy badly, just so he could release the mounting tension in his bowels. But of course the thought and reality of being in a nappy frightened the hell out of him. He took a deep breath.

Please Nanny Catherine may I have nap-nap?’

Why of course you can darling, of course you can. Nap-naps are for girls who can’t control themselves. And in about ten minutes that’s exactly what’ll happen’, she said with a chuckle.

She slid the towel under him, eased his bottom down over it and quickly swaddled his groin and shriveled cock in it. Next, she pulled the harness under and over the nappy, buckled it up and enclosed his hands in the mitts.

Now no messy-wessy’s just yet Fluffy Bunny.’

Despite the sense of ludicrousness he felt at making the statement, he found himself answering, ‘No Nanny, I promise I’ll be a good sissy.’

Patricia, I think we may be getting somewhere with her. Very good Fluffy Bunny!’

Patricia chuckled. ‘What a sight! Look at him…er..her…oh bugger it, HIM! A fluffy pink cardigan, a fluffy black cardigan, harness and mitts, and a nappy! Pathetic really.’ Her laughter filled the room.

Nanny wore this sweater just for you Fluffy Bunny. Do you like it little one?’

No he didn’t, or rather, no he didn’t, because of his predicament. But what was he to say? He sighed, closed his eyes and said, ‘Yes Nanny.’

Nanny is going to be wearing this and others just like it whenever she comes over to swaddle you in nap-naps from now on. You’ll be very good for Nanny – and Aunty Patricia - from now on won’t you, especially as the two of us are going to make sure you’re dressed in lots of fluffy sissy clothes from now on?’

Please no, won’t this end tonight!’, he wanted to say…but of course he didn’t.

Yes Nanny, thank you for wearing such a beautiful sweater tonight’, he said with a gulp in his throat.

Are you wanting to fill nap-nap now, Fluffy Bunny?’

Yes, yes, yes!’, he wanted to scream…

Yes Nanny, please.’

Say after me, “ ‘I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters”. ’

Not again….

I am a panty-wasting sissy who loves to wear Aunty Patricia’s fluffy cardigans and sweaters’.

Good. Now say after me, “I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one”. ’

I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one’.

Say it again.’

I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one’.


I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one’.

Now you’re to keep saying it until you fill your nap-nap.’

I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one’.

Both women laughed…

I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one.’

Yes you certainly are a panty-waste, Fluffy Bunny’ said Catherine as she crouched down next his face. She did up the remaining buttons of the black cardigan around his face. ‘Open your mouth’. He did as he was told and felt the fluff being forced into his mouth. She picked up the ends of the sleeves by his side and shoved them into his mouth too. ‘I think we’d better get out of here, the smell that’s about to fill the room wont be very pleasant’.

Keep saying it Fluffy Bunny’.

He muffled the words, ‘I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one…’

And with that they left the room. Raucous laughter filled the hallway…

I am a pathetic panty-wasting sissy who wants to be put in nap-naps whenever Nanny Catherine or Aunty Patricia want me in one…’

The End

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